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Taiwan News talks to Equilibrium

Screenshot taken from Taiwan News' ESG Talks episode with Equilibrium. (Taiwan News, screenshot)

Screenshot taken from Taiwan News' ESG Talks episode with Equilibrium. (Taiwan News, screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As the ESG revolution picks up steam, companies face ever greater pressure to conform to new regulations and deliver on sustainability goals.

Managing the myriad of data points needed to track progress on sustainability is daunting, and the increasing complexity can overwhelm enterprises. Taiwanese startup Equilibrium believes it has an answer.

Taiwan News sat down with co-founder Angel Ho (何怡曄) to talk about what her company can provide.

“Lots of companies still don’t know what to do and how to improve their ESG,” Ho says.

She says many companies in Western countries are moving away from legacy software like Excel and adopting smart ESG software systems like Equilibrium. This is not only because they have to make real-time updates, she says, but because they need to be able to identify risks before they emerge.

“Taiwanese companies need to focus on ESG reporting now,” Ho says. She believes they cannot wait since corporations in the West are pushing their suppliers to meet new ESG standards.

Ho says her company keeps reports on frameworks and standards up-to-date within their system. They can give advice on reporting to overseas clients too.

“We also have an advanced AI tool that can scan the internet and identify any ESG information related to a company and add it to our benchmarking model as our ESG perception score,” she says, adding that this gives companies a “complete picture.”

Equilibrium has assisted large multinationals in streamlining and automating their data processing to empower them to effectively manage their carbon footprint. One example is Dole Food Company, which as a food producer manages a complex web of farms, suppliers, factories, and logistics nodes around the world.

Instead of having thousands of staff going back and forth with email and Excel, they can achieve operational efficiency through Equilibrium’s all-in-one cloud portal solution. Equilibrium uses application programming interfaces to collect and aggregate company data, including its electricity and gas bills, transport costs, and all the emissions generated by these processes.

She says that in the past, keeping track of all the inputs was complex. With equilibrium, though, ESG does not have to be such a burden, she says.

“We are really excited about Equilibrium's growth opportunity,” Ho says, adding that she is part of a climate company that is due to have an initial public offering in the near future.

Climate ESG software is attracting billions in venture capital in the U.S., Ho observes. She says there is still great potential going forward. “We are passionate about helping Taiwanese companies become ESG leaders.”

Updated : 2022-05-17 16:08 GMT+08:00