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Chinese woman betrothed to blind date after 1 month in lockdown together

Woman says man’s parents started pushing for marriage just 1 week in

Zhao Xiaoqing and Zhao Fei pose for some selfies. (Weibo, Lwf photo)

Zhao Xiaoqing and Zhao Fei pose for some selfies. (Weibo, Lwf photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A woman in China’s Shaanxi Province is getting engaged to a man after being locked in his apartment for one month due to a lockdown that went into effect in mid-December.

Zhao Xiaoqing (趙曉青) had just met Zhao Fei (趙飛) one time in her hometown of Baoji before traveling to visit his family home in Xianyang, according to the South China Morning Post. Yet a snap lockdown soon left her stranded inside with Fei and his parents.

Only one week into her enforced extended stay, Fei’s parents recommended the pair start planning their marriage. Xiaoqing felt it was too early at that point, and says she turned down the idea at first.

However, after just a few weeks of cohabitation, Xiaoqing came around, saying she felt their “souls were compatible.”

Recalling how she fell for him, Xiaoqing admits she was not too impressed by Fei’s looks when first shown a photo of him before their meeting in Baoji, but she said he was better looking in real life.
She also says she was charmed by Fei’s doting and gifts of fruits and flowers. He showered her parents with presents too.

“I very much treasure the love between us,” Xiaoqing says. “This is the biggest harvest for me in the year of 2021. I am thankful for this special karma.”

Xiaoqing says she will formalize the betrothal only after she is allowed out of his apartment when the lockdown lifts ahead of the coming Lunar New Year festival. The pair plan to wait at least six months before tying the knot, as they do not want to be too “impulsive.”

Blind “lockdown dates” are becoming a trend as China battles the latest Omicron COVID-19 variant. Recent reports of other couples have circulated, including one pair that were stuck in an apartment together for several days due to a sudden lockdown in the city of Zhengzhou.

That particular date did not end in an engagement. In fact, the woman said that though her date tried hard to look after her, his cooking skills left much to be desired.