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NGO mounts fundraising campaign for Hongkongers in Taiwan

Many Hong Kong residents struggling with new life in Taiwan

(Facebook, <a href="" target="_blank">THKA</a> image)

(Facebook, THKA image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Taiwanese NGO on Tuesday (Jan. 18) initiated a fundraiser to support Hong Kong people who now call Taiwan home through a long-term sponsorship.

The Taiwan Hong Kong Association (THKA), which networks social communities from the two sides, hopes to help Hong Kong immigrants who invest or operate a business in Taiwan stand on their own two feet, it said on the website for the initiative.

Over a hundred of such shops have sprung up over the past two years, including cultural merchandise stores, bookshops, and restaurants, but many have struggled as they lack what it takes to be an entrepreneur and face challenges including the COVID-19 fallout, according to THKA. The program seeks to create a circle in which members share the same values and assist each other.

Not only does the platform offer tips to living and doing business in Taiwan for residents from the Chinese city, but it also helps boost the profile of the stores. Sponsors will receive discounts from the member shops, and the funds raised will be channeled to cultivate talent and promote the business community, per CNA.

Sang Pu (桑普), president of THKA, said over 30 stores have joined the initiative, and he invites Taiwanese businesses to take part in the program to show their support.

Sponsorship fees range from NT$300 (US$10.87) to NT$1,200 a month. Visit the website of the program to learn more.