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18 schools in Taiwan's Taoyuan close as Tasty cluster infection grows to 23

10 schools close 14 days, 8 schools for 1 day amid Omicron outbreak in Taoyuan

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A total of 18 schools in Taoyuan have halted classes for one day to two weeks amid a surge in Omicron cases in the city connected to the Tasty steakhouse chain over the weekend.

On Sunday afternoon (Jan. 16), the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced 10 new local COVID cases. Eight were tied to a branch of the Tasty steakhouse in Taoyuan's Zhongli District, bringing the cluster infection to 23 cases. That evening, the city's Department of Education announced that the new cases related to Tasty include four members of a family of five that went to the eatery on Jan. 9.

Among the infected family members identified were a woman and two small children. That evening, the health department announced that 10 schools would close for 14 days, while eight others would suspend classes for one day.

Schools closing for 14 days:

1. Taoyuan Huaxun Elementary School and Preschool (until Jan. 23)

2. Puren Elementary School and Preschool (until Jan. 23)

3. Hanlin After-School Children's Care Center (until Jan. 23)

4. Xingren Elementary School and Preschool (until Jan. 21)

5. Taoyuan Municipal Jhongli Commercial High School (until Jan. 28)

6. Dongsing Junior High School (until Jan. 27)

7. Funwa (cram school) (until Jan. 28)

8. Nei-Li Primary School (until Jan. 29)

9. Meiqi Kindergarten (until Jan. 29)

10. Joy English, Zhongli Branch (cram school) (until Jan. 29)

Schools closing for only one day:

1. Taoyuan Municipal Chungli Junior High School (classes resume Jan. 18)

2. Zhongli High School of Commerce and Home Economics (classes resume Jan. 18)

3. Taoyuan Municipal Wu-Ling Senior High School (classes resume Jan. 18)

4. Taoyuan Municipal Chung-Hsing Junior High School (classes resume Jan. 18)

5. Chih Ping Senior High School (classes resume Jan. 18)

6. Chung Yuan Christian University (classes resume Jan. 18)

7. Chi-Ying Senior High School (classes resume Jan. 18)

8. Yangmei Preschool, Yangmei Branch (classes resume Jan. 17)

Updated : 2022-05-26 01:40 GMT+08:00