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China, Russia top annual U.S. list of copyright violators

Officials say PRC has made no improvement over 2005, cites Beijing market as piracy haven

China, Russia top annual U.S. list of
copyright violators

China and Russia were spotlighted for the second year in a row as the top violators of U.S. copyrights and patents.
The annual report on piracy by the U.S. Trade Representative's office specifically named, a Russia-based music-sharing Web site, and the Silk Market in Beijing, as being centers of piracy.
"Copyright industries estimate that 85 percent to 93 percent of all copyrighted material sold in China were pirated, indicating little or no improvement over 2005," the report said.
The Bush administration has made the protection of intellectual property the focus of its trade agenda. It cites China as the center of global production for illegal copies of a wide variety of items, including Harry Potter books, Microsoft Corp. software, Louis Vuitton handbags, automotive parts, and pharmaceuticals.
The U.S. filed a complaint at the World Trade Organization over China's laws governing intellectual property rights this month, the first case of its kind aimed at China.
For the first time, the U.S. also provided 11 pages of details on specific Chinese provinces and cities and how well each is doing cracking down on piracy. Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces in southeast China were those "in which rights holders most consistently encountered all types of counterfeiting," the report said.
In addition to being made in China for domestic sale, pirated goods are being exported to the U.S. in record numbers, much of it from the two southeast provinces, according to the U.S. report.
Bush administration concerns about Russia's laws on patents and copyrights and concerns over violations of those laws are part of the reason Russia's entry into the WTO has been delayed.
A top complaint from the U.S. is the continued operation of, which the Recording Industry Association of American says it wants shut before Russia can join the WTO.
"Russia is simultaneously home to some of the biggest criminal enterprises involved in production and global trafficking in pirate optical discs and to some of the world's most notorious pirate Web sites, such as," said Neil Turkewitz, the group's executive vice president.
A lawyer for Moscow-based Media Services, which runs the, has said that the company's service is legal.
In addition to China and Russia, the U.S. placed Argentina, Chile, Egypt, India, Israel, Lebanon, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine and Venezuela on its "priority watch list," which means they will be subject to "particularly intense engagement" by the U.S. trade office over their intellectual property regime.

Updated : 2021-07-26 05:19 GMT+08:00