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Fishing Reel Market Share 2022, Size Estimation, Demand, Growth Strategies, Latest Trend Analysis, Impact of Covid-19, Top Players, Revenue Till 2027

The global fishing reel market held a market value of USD 3,786.16 million in 2020 and is estimated to reach USD 5,075.54 million by the year 2027. The market is anticipated to register a CAGR of 4.6% during the forecast period.

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The rise in recreational activities, coupled with the increasing awareness about health benefits with the consumption of fish, significantly contributes to the growth of the fishing reel market. The favourable demographic trends in the developing regions, especially revolving around millennial population, pushes the demand for fishing reels all across the globe. For instance, China, India, the US, Indonesia, and Brazil possess the world’s largest millennial populations. All these countries account for approximately half of the world’s millennial population. Thus, such high statistics bolster the growth rate of the fishing reel market in the near future.

On the other hand, the depletion of sea species is projected to hamper the growth rate of the fishing reel market to a certain extent. Moreover, the rise in different types of rods, lures, and camera equipment for fishing further pushes the growth of the fishing reel market.

Growth Influencers:

Growing popularity of recreational activities, among millennials
Recreational activities have shown immense benefits to the participants across the globe. The millennial population is highly targeting activities, such as fishing, for leisure recreation. This demographic, in particular, is favouring the fishing activity to a large extent, in most developing and developed region. Thus, the high preference rate of this activity leads to an increase in the fishing reel market.

Rise in consumer awareness towards the health benefit of fish
Fish constitutes several health benefits, such as omega-3 fatty acids, coupled ith vitamins D and B2. Fish is also rich in phosphorus, calcium, and other minerals, including, iron, iodine, zinc, magnesium, and potassium, among others. The increase awareness created by many organizations aids in the rise in the fishing activities, and thus the usage of fishing reels. For instance, the American Heart Association acclaims eating fish at least two times each week as part of a
healthy diet. Therefore, such steps increase the preference rate, and thus, the overall market growth.

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Segments Overview:

The global fishing reel market is segmented into reel type, reel mechanism, price range, sales channel, and application.

By Reel Type
• Spincast Reels
• Spinning Reels
• Baitcast Reels
o Round Baitcasting Reel
o Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
• Electric Reel
• Fly fishing Reel
• Offshore Reels
• Others
The spinning reels segment held the largest market share of around 33%, and is also expected to grow tremendously owing to its growing adoption of spinning reels for fishing activities. The electric reel segment is estimated to grow the fastest at a CAGR of 6.1%.

By Reel Mechanism
• Direct-drive Reel
• Anti-reverse Reel
The anti-reverse reel segment is expected to grow at the fastest rate, whereas the direct-drive reel held the largest share owing to the increasing innovation in such technique by the prominent players in the market.

By Price Range
• < US$ 100
• US$ 100 – 500
• US$ 500 – 1,500
• US$ 1,500
The < US$ 100 segment is anticipated to grow at the largest share owing to the rising preference rate of end users towards this price range. Moreover, the USD 100 – 500 segment value is estimated to cross USD 1,400 million by 2026.

By Sales Channel
• Offline
o Sports Stores
o Departmental Stores
• Online (E-commerce websites)
The offline segment is anticipated to hold the largest market share owing to the high demand for fishing reels from these sports and departmental facilities. The online segment is expected to grow at a rate of 5.6% owing to the rise in e-commerce activities.

By Application
• Freshwater Fishing
• Saltwater Fishing
The freshwater fishing held the largest share during the base year as there are many end users in developing economies that prefer freshwater fishing methods and techniques.

Regional Overview

By region, the global fishing reel market is divided into Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America.

The European region held the largest market share of around 33%. The increasing technological progressions in sport fishing is driving the growth rate of the fishing reel market in European regions, such as Germany, France the UK, among others.
The Asia Pacific region is anticipated to grow at the fastest growing rate owing to the rising awareness regarding fishing activities and the benefits of it. Moreover, the North American region is also anticipated to grow at a considerable rate during the forecast period.

Competitive Landscape

Key players operating in the global fishing reel market include Alvey Reels, Daiwa Corporation, Elec-Tra-Mate, Florida Fishing Products, Abu Garcia, Hooker Electric, Inc., Mitchell Reel Co., Penn Reels, Scientific Anglers, Shimano, Shakespeare Fishing Tackle, Zebco, Pokee Fishing, Pflueger, Cabela’s Inc., AFTCO Mfg., Eagle Claw, among others.

The key four companies in the market hold approximately 70% of the market share. These market players are capitalizing on several strategic activities, such as product launches, mergers & acquisitions, collaborations, and ventures, to sustain in the industry. For instance, in July 2020, Abu Garcia launched one of the lightest spinning reels, Zenon. It is the lightest spinning reel ever produced, tipping the scales at an unbelievably light 4.9 ounces for the Size 20 and 5.4 ounces for the Size 30.

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Table Of Content

Chapter 1. Research Framework
1.1 Research Objective
1.2 Product Overview
1.3 Market Segmentation

Chapter 2. Research Methodology
2.1 Qualitative Research
2.1.1 Primary & Secondary Sources
2.2 Quantitative Research
2.2.1 Primary & Secondary Sources
2.3 Breakdown of Primary Research Respondents, By Region
2.4 Assumption for the Study
2.5 Market Size Estimation
2.6. Data Triangulation

Chapter 3. Executive Summary: Global Fishing Reel Market

Chapter 4. Global Fishing Reel Market Overview
4.1. Industry Value Chain Analysis
4.1.1. Material Provider
4.1.2. Manufacturer
4.1.3. Distributor
4.1.4. End User
4.2. Industry Outlook
4.2.1. Fishing Equipment Market
4.2.2. Advance Fishing Reel Overview
4.3. PESTLE Analysis
4.4. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
4.4.1. Bargaining Power of Suppliers
4.4.2. Bargaining Power of Buyers
4.4.3. Threat of Substitutes
4.4.4. Threat of New Entrants
4.4.5. Degree of Competition
4.5. Market Dynamics and Trends
4.5.1. Growth Drivers
4.5.2. Restraints
4.5.3. Challenges
4.5.4. Key Trends
4.6. Covid-19 Impact Assessment on Market Growth Trend
4.7. Market Growth and Outlook
4.7.1. Market Revenue Estimates and Forecast (US$ Mn), 2017 – 2027
4.7.2. Pricing Analysis
4.8. Competition Dashboard
4.8.1. Market Concentration Rate
4.8.2. Company Market Share Analysis (Value %), 2020
4.8.3. Competitor Mapping

Chapter 5. Fishing Reel Market, By Reel Type
5.1. Key Insights
5.2. Market Size and Forecast, 2017 – 2027 (US$ Mn)
5.2.1. Spincast Reels
5.2.2. Spinning Reels
5.2.3. Baitcast Reels Round Baitcasting Reel Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
5.2.4. Electric Reel
5.2.5. Fly fishing Reel
5.2.6. Offshore Reels
5.2.7. Others

Chapter 6. Fishing Reel Market, By Reel Mechanism
6.1. Key Insights
6.2. Market Size and Forecast, 2017 – 2027 (US$ Mn)
6.2.1. Direct-drive reel
6.2.2. Anti-reverse reel

Chapter 7. Fishing Reel Market, By Price Range
7.1. Key Insights
7.2. Market Size and Forecast, 2017 – 2027 (US$ Mn)
7.2.1. < US$ 100 7.2.2. US$ 100 – 500 7.2.3. US$ 500 – 1,500 7.2.4. > US$ 1,500
Chapter 8. Fishing Reel Market, By Sales Channel
8.1. Key Insights
8.2. Market Size and Forecast, 2017 – 2027 (US$ Mn)
8.2.1. Offline Sports Stores Departmental Stores
8.2.2. Online E-commerce websites

Chapter 9. Fishing Reel Market, By Application
9.1. Key Insights
9.2. Market Size and Forecast, 2017 – 2027 (US$ Mn)
9.2.1. Freshwater Fishing
9.2.2. Saltwater Fishing

Chapter 10. Fishing Reel Market, By Region
10.1. Key Insights
10.2. Market Size and Forecast, 2017 – 2027 (US$ Mn)
10.2.1. North America The U.S. Canada Mexico
10.2.2. Europe Western Europe The UK Germany France Italy Spain Rest of Western Europe Eastern Europe Poland Russia Rest of Eastern Europe
10.2.3. Asia Pacific China India Japan ASEAN Oceania Australia New Zealand Rest of Oceania Rest of Asia Pacific
10.2.4. Rest of the World Middle East & Africa (MEA) Saudi Arabia South Africa UAE Rest of MEA South America Brazil Argentina Rest of South America

Chapter 11. North America Fishing Reels Market Analysis
11.1. Key Insights
11.2. Market Size and Forecast, 2017 – 2027 (US$ Mn)
11.2.1. By Reel Type
11.2.2. By Reel Mechanism
11.2.3. By Price Range
11.2.4. By Application
11.2.5. By Sales Channel
11.2.6. By Country

Chapter 12. Europe Fishing Reels Market Analysis
12.1. Key Insights
12.2. Market Size and Forecast, 2017 – 2027 (US$ Mn)
12.2.1. By Reel Type
12.2.2. By Reel Mechanism
12.2.3. By Price Range
12.2.4. By Sales Channel
12.2.5. By Application
12.2.6. By Country

Chapter 13. Asia Pacific Fishing Reels Market Analysis
13.1. Key Insights
13.2. Market Size and Forecast, 2017 – 2027 (US$ Mn)
13.2.1. By Reel Type
13.2.2. By Reel Mechanism
13.2.3. By Price Range
13.2.4. By Sales Channel
13.2.5. By Application
13.2.6. By Country

Chapter 14. Oceania Fishing Reels Market Analysis
14.1. Key Insights
14.2. Market Size and Forecast, 2017 – 2027 (US$ Mn)
14.2.1. By Reel Type
14.2.2. By Reel Mechanism
14.2.3. By Price Range
14.2.4. By Sales Channel
14.2.5. By Application
14.2.6. By Country

Chapter 15. Rest of the World Fishing Reels Market Analysis
15.1. Key Insights
15.2. Market Size and Forecast, 2017 – 2027 (US$ Mn)
15.2.1. By Reel Type
15.2.2. By Reel Mechanism
15.2.3. By Price Range
15.2.4. By Sales Channel
15.2.5. By Application
15.2.6. By Country

Chapter 16. The U.S. Fishing Reels Market Analysis
16.1. Key Insights
16.2. Market Size and Forecast, 2017 – 2027 (US$ Mn)
16.2.1. By Reel Type
16.2.2. By Reel Mechanism
16.2.3. By Price Range
16.2.4. By Sales Channel
16.2.5. By Application

Chapter 17. Japan Fishing Reels Market Analysis
17.1. Key Insights
17.2. Market Size and Forecast, 2017 – 2027 (US$ Mn)
17.2.1. By Reel Type
17.2.2. By Reel Mechanism
17.2.3. By Price Range
17.2.4. By Sales Channel
17.2.5. By Application

Chapter 18. Company Profile (Company Overview, Financial Matrix, Sales Composition Ration, Key Product landscape, Key Personnel, Key Competitors, Contact Address, and Business Strategy Outlook)
18.1. Abu Garcia
18.2. Alvey Reels
18.3. Daiwa Corporation
18.4. Elec-Tra-Mate
18.5. Florida Fishing Products
18.6. Hooker Electric, Inc.
18.7. Mitchell Reel Co.
18.8. Penn Reels
18.9. Pflueger
18.10. Scientific Anglers
18.11. Shimano
18.12. Shakespeare Fishing Tackle
18.13. Zebco
18.14. Pokee Fishing
18.15. Cabela’s Inc.
18.16. AFTCO Mfg.
18.17. Eagle Claw

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