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Chinese bachelorette locked in blind date's apartment after Henan's snap lockdown

Woman says her date's performance under lockdown left much to be desired

Wang. (Facebook, Leng Ho Lim photo)

Wang. (Facebook, Leng Ho Lim photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — An unmarried Chinese woman surnamed Wang (王) had her blind date dramatically extended by several days after authorities announced an immediate lockdown.

The lockdown was declared on Sunday (Jan. 8) and covered the whole of the Henan provincial capital, Zhengzhou. At the time, Wang was in the city in the middle of a blind date in the apartment of a man she had just met, according to an ABC report, which describes the scene as “possibly the most awkward blind date of all time.”

Wang’s parents believed she was “getting too old” to be a bachelorette and, with the Lunar New Year approaching, flew her back from the southern city of Guangzhou for a whirlwind week of 10 consecutive blind dates. Wang was halfway through meeting this string of potential suitors, when the snap shutdown left her stranded.

Bachelor number five had reportedly wanted to wine and dine Wang by “showing off his cooking skills,” and that is why they had ventured to his apartment, per ABC. “Then after the dinner, when I was just about to leave, the Zhengzhou COVID situation deteriorated all of a sudden,” Wang said, and she was forced to stay for several days.

"Living in the apartment with somebody you hardly knew made me feel so awkward and embarrassed," she said. The man turned out not to be ideal, she said, complaining that he spoke very little and describing him as “wooden.”

Yet, she conceded, he looked after her by continuing to cook and clean every day. She said his efforts were commendable, though the food he dished up remained underwhelming. There has been no statement from the man about how he felt about Wang’s extended stay.