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Donations to family hit by drunk driver in Taiwan's Kaohsiung reach nearly NT$8 million

Donations continue to pour in to help family

(Kaohsiung Social Affairs Bureau photo)

(Kaohsiung Social Affairs Bureau photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Initial donations to a family of four that was struck in Kaohsiung by a drunk driver late last month have totaled nearly NT$8 million (US$288,000), according to a Kaohsiung Social Affairs Bureau press release on Monday (Jan. 10).

On Dec. 26, a drunk driver surnamed Huang (黃) plowed his car into a family of four crossing a street in Kaohsiung. The mother of the family, surnamed Fan (范), died of her injuries. The father, surnamed Lin (林), and their two daughters were badly injured.

A special account the city's social affairs bureau set up to help the family received 1,322 donations, totaling NT$7,929.813, from Jan. 4-7, including NT$100,000 from Mayor Chen Chi-mai (陳其邁).

Relatives of the family expressed gratitude, saying Lin’s parents were heartbroken by the tragedy and initially very worried about the financial burden on the long road ahead as the remaining members of the family undergo rehabilitation.

With donations from caring people, Lin’s parents will not have to worry about these expenses, the bureau cited the relatives as saying. Donations continue to pour in, and social workers will continue to care for the family and help them return to a normal life, per the release.

In addition to Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, which has pledged to fully support the medical expenses for Lin and his daughters, the England Dental Clinic system has promised to absorb the full cost of the mouth reconstruction of the elder sister, who suffered dislodged teeth in the accident.

The bureau added that it would also arrange for volunteer lawyers to help the family seek damages from Huang.