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COVID cluster of 5 breaks out in northern Taiwan electronics factory

Electronics factory shuttered, 280 workers place in quarantine

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(Getty Images)  

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — An electronics factory in Taoyuan was shut down on Tuesday (Jan. 11) after five workers tested positive for COVID.

Among the group of luggage cart workers who recently tested positive for COVID-19 at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, COVID case No. 17,473 infected his wife (case No. 17,472), who works as a residential service worker. The woman is believed to have then transmitted the virus to her close friend (case No. 17,507), who works in an electronics factory.

During a press conference on Tuesday, CECC head Chen Shih-chung (陳時中) said that after testing had been expanded to the factory, four more employees tested positive. The facility was immediately closed for cleaning and disinfection.

Chen said that the Taoyuan City Department of Public Health has decided to transport all 280 workplace contacts of the infected cases to a quarantine center for isolation. Given that five have already tested positive, there are concerns many others in the factory have already been infected.

In addition, Chen pointed out that case No. 17,573, the mother of a child who contracted the virus from the son of case No. 17,472, was also diagnosed with COVID on Tuesday. Two more members of a family that had been served by case No. 17,472, the brother and father of case No. 17,416, also tested positive after taking a second test.