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South Taiwan mall closed after visit by airport cluster case

Kaohsiung's Hanshin Arena closed for disinfection

Workers disinfect area of Kaohsiung visited by COVID-positive girl. 

Workers disinfect area of Kaohsiung visited by COVID-positive girl.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Hanshin Arena mall in Kaohsiung is closed for disinfection after a COVID case tied to the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Omicron cluster infection recently visited the facility.

Taiwan's COVID case No. 17,505 is an eight-year-old girl who came in contact with case No. 17,504, a boy under the age of 10, at an after-school children's care center on Jan. 3. The latter is a relative case No. 17,472, a residential service worker, and case No. 17,473, a luggage cart handler at the airport.

The girl traveled with her father, mother, and brother from Taoyuan to Kaohsiung on Dec. 31 and stayed until Jan. 2. The Kaohsiung Department of Health has identified 28 contacts of the girl and conducted rapid antigen tests on 17, who have all received a negative result while awaiting the results of PCR tests.

The CECC stated that given that the incubation period for Omicron is typically only three to four days and the case developed symptoms on Jan. 6, it believes it is more likely she was infected after her trip to Kaohsiung.

Nevertheless, Kaohsiung's health department announced the girl's movements in the city during their New Year's trip. Locations they visited include the Kaohsiung Marriot Hotel, Tan Zuo Ma Li restaurant, Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza, and E Sky Mall. The Hanshin Area Shopping Mall will be closed for one day for cleaning and disinfection, while the E Sky Mall will remain open.

Updated : 2022-05-28 11:56 GMT+08:00