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Wang uninterested in talks about Ma-Wang ticket

Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng Monday dismissed a media report claiming he has no intention to team up with former Kuomintang chairman Ma Ying-jeou for the 2008 presidential election.
The speaker reiterated he just considered it ill advised to discuss the issue for the time being, meaning he remained flexible on the matter.
The main opposition Kuomintang's Central Standing Committee is slated to approve the nomination of Ma as the party's presidential candidate in its meeting Wednesday, a procedure that still needs to be ratified by the party's national congress later.
Ma, who has said he will invite Wang as running mate once he wins the nomination, allegedly plans to visit Wang Wednesday to fulfill his pledge.
The United Daily, a major local Chinese-language newspaper, quoted unnamed sources as saying Wang would turn down Ma's offer for fear Ma might be disqualified from the race if he is found guilty of corruption later.
Ma is on embezzlement trial for pocketing over NT$10 million public funds during his tenure as Taipei mayor.
By rejecting the Ma-Wang ticket, the speaker calculated he could replace Ma as the KMT presidential nominee once Ma is deprived of his candidacy by the court, the daily said. Other local media outlets extensively cite the report.
But Wang dismissed the report as groundless and challenged reporters to name their sources when writing stories about his intentions.“I should be the most reliable source in this regard,”Wang said.
He declined to reveal if he will team up with Ma, saying he preferred not to talk about the issue for a while. A while meant longer than one or two weeks, Wang added.

Updated : 2021-05-12 07:19 GMT+08:00