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McDonald's Taiwan stores halt sales of hash browns

Sales of hash browns at affected stores could resume in late January

(YouTube, McDonald's screenshot)

(YouTube, McDonald's screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Many McDonald's stores across Taiwan on Friday (Jan. 7) announced they will be suspending the sale of hash browns due to instability in the global supply chain.

The sign seen posted in various branches across Taiwan and on the official McDonald's Taiwan website on Friday read as follows:

"Due to the recent unstable global shipping supply, McDonald's has a shortage of hash browns and will temporarily stop selling them after remaining supplies are sold out. (Shipments) are currently actively being dispatched, and it is estimated that stocks will be replenished by late January when normal supplies will resume. We thank the customers for their support and are sorry for the convenience that we have caused."

McDonald's Taiwan said the dates that the hash browns will be suspended will vary from store to store, and an announcement will be posted as soon as they are sold out. However, supplies of its most famous potato-based product, French fries, are still plentiful.

Taiwan's netizens responded with comments such as, "McDonald's breakfast without hash browns is not breakfast!" A similar suspension of fried fritters took place in mid-August last year, prompting similar complaints by netizens such as, "I can't live without hash browns!"