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Taiwan man kills friend during Uber ride, driver 'did not meddle'

Drunken men get into altercation about splitting NT$600 Uber fee

File photo of a driver reflected in a rearview mirror.

File photo of a driver reflected in a rearview mirror. (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A man surnamed Liu (劉) was found with blood in his mouth and no heartbeat in front of his home on Monday (Jan. 3) after a friend beat him and dragged him out of their shared Uber ride.

UDN reported that Liu, 67, and his friend surnamed Huang (黃), 65, were on their way home from dining and drinking with friends at a karaoke bar. The two shared an Uber ride with another friend, who was dropped off first.

As the Uber headed for Liu’s house in Xindian District, New Taipei City, Liu and Huang got into an argument about how to split the NT$600 (US$21.71) Uber fare. In the heat of the moment, Huang allegedly hit Liu across the face.

The Uber arrived at Liu’s home at around 11 p.m., however, Liu had passed out after being beaten and was unable to get out of the vehicle. Huang dragged him out of the car, got back in, and rode home to Zhonghe District, according to UDN.

Liu was found on the ground an hour later by a neighbor, and was pronounced dead at the hospital. The police tracked down the Uber driver after reviewing surveillance footage, then found and arrested Huang through the Uber driver.

Huang was reportedly still drunk when the police found him and admitted to beating Liu; he denied knowing that Liu died, per UDN. The Uber driver was cited as saying while he did hear the two passengers arguing and fighting in the back seat, he was focused on driving and did not meddle with their business.

Huang has been charged with assault resulting in death, and is under restricted residence after posting a bail of NT$100,000.