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Taiwan's prize-winning rapper Soft Lipa and ØZI release new track 'Death Trip'

Pair picture life after death with sincerity and humor through lens of Chinese mythology.

Soft Lipa and ØZI feature in new single “Death Trip.” (YouTube screenshot)

Soft Lipa and ØZI feature in new single “Death Trip.” (YouTube screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwanese award-winning rapper Soft Lipa and Taiwanese-American musician ØZI look at life after death through the lens of Chinese mythology in their latest collaboration, "Death Trip."

Soft Lipa and 24-year-old R&B singer ØZI's new single was released on Tuesday (Dec. 28). Soft Lipa posted on Facebook, “As a man from the future, I can tell you this track is going to win the Golden Melody Award's Song of the Year 2022."

The song looks at life and death in a humorous way and was an unannounced surprise for the duo's fans. At the beginning and end of the four-minute music video, they reference Master Chun Kung’s words, "Paradise — you really got to go check it out."

In the video, the pair goes to hell after a car accident, leaving them shocked. As they sing, "I don’t want to die yet," some personal problems are revealed, prompting listeners to reflect on their own lives.

According to Chinese mythology, the dead have to drink "meng po soup," which removes memories so they can move on to their next lives. ØZI says he is not ready to drink it while sitting in a boat rolling past famed fortune-teller Jesse Tang (唐綺陽), who gets a shout-out.

The clip also features Soft Lipa’s daughter, another reason the award-winning singer does not want to let go of life. According to the lyrics, the musician wants to see his little girl grow up, go to Dubai, and give his son an English name before he passes away.

HYPEBEAST reported that supernatural events happened while shooting the music video. ØZI said the cameras and machines failed to work during shooting, but all went well after the production crew lit incense sticks.

Soft Lipa was voted Best Mandarin Male Singer at the most recent Golden Melody Awards.