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Taiwan plans 'smart' task force for Slovakia in 2022

Win-win initiative leverages Taiwan's tech strengths and helps trade partners build a supply chain based on metaverse-enabled Taiwan Smart Experience Center

Envoys of six representative offices talk about their respective smart city initiatives on Taiwan Smart Solutions International Fo...

Envoys of six representative offices talk about their respective smart city initiatives on Taiwan Smart Solutions International Fo... (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan is building a task force for Slovakia to deploy internet of things (IoT) solutions for its smart city projects. It will also, in the near future, help trade partners develop industrial upgrades, said a top official of a Taipei-based trade association.

The task force includes a number of stakeholders, including more than 90 Taiwanese companies such as telecom operators and IoT component suppliers. It is tasked with passing on knowledge about suppliers to Slovakian manufacturers and helping build greener and smarter cities in the Central European country.

This is intended to boost employment and sustainable growth and help Taiwan retain talented young engineers. In return, Taiwanese suppliers can reach out to Central and Eastern European countries with low cost and risk.

The Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, India, and the U.S. state of Montana are said to be interested in the win-win initiative. It will leverage Taiwan's tech strengths and help hammer out a robust local supply chain that caters to the needs of each trading partner.

The idea will initially be realized at the upcoming Taiwan Smart Experience Center (TSEC) in Slovakia and will adopt elements from the metaverse so visitors can virtually experience the services and products of the 90 companies involved. These companies range from tech giants to small enterprises, both near and far, allowing parties in different time zones to exchange collaboration opportunities.

James Kuo-ann Chiao (焦國安), CEO of Smart Cities Consulting and chairman of the Chinese International Economic Cooperation Association's (CIECA) Smart Cities Committee said: "The living labs will be built with the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies to present the digitally connected ecosystems that have transformed the way cities function and that lead to innovation, progress, and economic growth."

CIECA recently co-hosted the Taiwan Smart Solutions International Forum along with a smart solution exhibition in Taipei attended by the trade envoys from India, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Turkey, Hungary, and Finland.

At the event, Deputy Representative of Slovakia Michaela Sulakova talked about a memorandum of understanding inked with Taiwan in October that laid the foundation for the living lab. She said the office is looking to do everything possible to meet the country's ambitious sustainable smart city solutions.

Deputy Representative of Saudi Arabia Mohammed Alsosary said the country's ambitious US$500 billion smart city project NEOM, which is AI-driven and renewable energy-powered, is seeking to collaborate with global contractors, including Taiwan.

Taiwan plans 'smart' task force for Slovakia in 2022
Officials of representative offices tour smart solution exhibition and exchange ideas with solution providers. (Taiwan News photo)

Taiwan plans 'smart' task force for Slovakia in 2022
Top manager of Acer Being Communication introduces company's smart water meter to foreign representative. (Taiwan News photo)