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Returning flights from Shanghai to Taiwan not affected by new pandemic prevention measures: China’s TAO

EVA Air and China Airlines have both made schedule changes to their flights to Shanghai

Pudong International Airport Terminal 1

Pudong International Airport Terminal 1 (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — China's Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) spokesman Ma Xiaoguang (馬曉光) said during a routine press conference on Wednesday (Dec. 29) that returning flights from Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport to Taiwan will not be affected by the airport’s new pandemic prevention measures in order to make sure all Taiwanese who want to go home for the Lunar New Year holiday will be able to do so.

He added that recent international COVID situations have become complex and stern, and that in order to further control the pandemic and safeguard passengers’ health and safety, the Pudong airport is enforcing new prevention measures involving disinfecting all arriving airplanes of international flights and flights from Hong Kong, Macao,and Taiwan.

In response, EVA Air has announced that their departing flights for the Songshan-Pudong and Kaohsiung-Pudong routes will stop carrying passengers from Dec. 26 to Feb. 3, 2022, but the return flights will remain normal during the period.

China Airlines has announced that it will also stop carrying passengers on its departing flights from Taoyuan to Pudong from now until the end of January next year. The national carrier has also adjusted its departure schedule for Songshan-Pudong to three flights a week (Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday) and to one weekly departure flight on Saturday for the Kaohsiung-Pudong route for January next year.

Ma said that some Taiwanese airlines have adjusted their flight schedules in response to the airport’s new measures, but overall the flights transporting Taiwanese back home for the Lunar New Year holiday will not be affected.