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Taiwan actor donates 1 billion rupiah to caregiver

Chen Sung-young bequeaths NT$2 million to Indonesian caregiver of 8 years

Yule (left), Chen sung-young. (Facebook image)

Yule (left), Chen sung-young. (Facebook image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Award-winning Taiwanese actor Chen Sung-young (陳松勇) left over IDR$1 billion Indonesian rupiah (US$70,000) in his will for his Indonesian caregiver.

On Dec. 17, Chen died at the Taoyuan Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital in Guishan District after battling a number of ailments for several years. Prior to his death, Chen had told local media that his Indonesian caregiver known as Yule would inherit NT$2 million, the equivalent to about IDR$1.02 billion, to help buy land and start a business in her home country.

A funeral was held for Chen at 8:10 a.m. on Tuesday morning at the Taipei City Mortuary Services Office First Funeral Parlor. Chen was never married, and he regarded Yule, who had cared for him for eight years, like a daughter.

During the official funeral for Chen, Director Wu Nien-jen (吳念真) spoke on behalf of Chen's family and said that his dying wishes would be honored, explaining, "In addition to repaying Yule, who was like a daughter, a sum of money will also be donated to charity organizations as a way to give back," reported ETtoday. News has spread to Indonesia that Yule will inherit over IDR$1 billion Indonesian rupiah.

The news has gained much attention in Indonesia because many travel abroad to work as caregivers. Many Indonesian netizens felt that Chen was a kind and generous employer and that Yule was very blessed to meet such a good person.

Yule, who was visibly distraught at the ceremony, told the news agency, "He was really good, he would buy me anything I wanted. He would even ask me to eat first. I am very grateful to my Dad (Chen). She added that she used to push him in his wheelchair to many different places, but now that he has passed, "I feel weird without him, but I still think of him."