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TSMC could expand into Taiwan's Taichung

Analysts decipher what recent high-level meeting means for company’s future plans

TSMC' CEO Wei Che-jia and Taichung Mayor Lu Hsiu-yan talk on Friday (Dec. 24). 

TSMC' CEO Wei Che-jia and Taichung Mayor Lu Hsiu-yan talk on Friday (Dec. 24).  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Wei Che-jia (魏哲家), CEO of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), paid a visit to the Taichung City Government on Friday (Dec. 24), prompting industry analysts to conclude the company is looking to build a manufacturing site for its 2-nanometer process in Taichung.

The high-level meeting also included TSMC Deputy General Manager of Fab Operations Wang Ing-lang (王英郎), Deputy General Manager of Factory Affairs Chuang Tsi-shou (莊子壽), and Deputy General Manager of Corporate Planning Lee Jun-hsian, (李俊賢), according to a CNA report. Taichung Mayor Lu Hsiu-yan (盧秀燕) also led a team of top city officials into discussions with the company.

Lu expressed her support for TSMC’s expansion into Taichung, and Wei affirmed that the city is an excellent location for manufacturing and can attract and retain the needs of the industry, making Taichung a prime choice for expansion. However, TSMC said there are many factors to consider and that it is keeping all options open at this point.

These statements and the line-up of participants at the meeting have led analysts to conclude the company must be planning to expand in Taichung.

After starting mass production of its 5 nm process last year, TSMC announced plans to begin scaling up its 3 nm process in the second half of next year. In an earnings report in October, Wei said the company’s 2 nm process will begin production in 2025.