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New egg printing rule in Taiwan reinforces traceability

Washed eggs to be marked with information about source farms, production methods

New egg printing rule in Taiwan reinforces traceability. (COA image)

New egg printing rule in Taiwan reinforces traceability. (COA image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Every egg produced in Taiwan that has gone through the washing process will be marked with information of its source starting January 2022 as the country pushes for traceability systems in agricultural products.

The enhanced labeling system will see all washed, fresh eggs printed with alphabetic and digital codes that indicate information about the farm, wash factory, packaging date, and production method. For example, "O" denotes organic production, while "C" means cage eggs, according to the Council of Agriculture (COA).

Given the limited capacity of egg washing facilities and manpower, the measure is first being applied to washed eggs and will be extended to unwashed ones in phases. People can access relevant information about the source of the eggs they purchase on the COA-operated poultry traceability website.

The mechanism will lead to better accountability for food safety practices, the authorities believe. In the event of a food scare stemming from eggs, the system allows for quicker action to hold those responsible accountable.

Taiwan produced an average of 22 million eggs a day in 2020, 65% of which were washed and boxed for distribution. The new printing requirement will add NT$1 (US$3 cents) to the price of a box containing 10 eggs, per China Times.

Those that fail to comply will be fined somewhere between NT$6,000 and NT$30,000 pursuant to the Agricultural Production and Certification Act.

Updated : 2022-05-27 00:56 GMT+08:00