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Taiwan's Yushan, Xueshan, Hehuanshan likely to have white Christmas

Mountains over 3,000 meters, mountainous areas in north expected to get snow

Snow on Yushan. (Yushan National Park photo)

Snow on Yushan. (Yushan National Park photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) predicts that mountains over 3,000 meters in altitude are likely to see snow on Christmas Day.

The strongest cold air mass thus far this winter is expected to arrive in Taiwan on Christmas Day, according to the CWB. Coupled with the eastward movement of a cloud system, the weather will turn wet and cold, with temperatures dropping to between 10 and 13 degrees Celsius.

The weather bureau forecasts that starting on Christmas, mountains taller than 3,000 meters, including Yushan, Xueshan, and Hehuanshan, will likely see snowfall. In addition, mountainous areas of northern Taiwan over 2,000 meters above sea level could also see a white Christmas.

In anticipation of the rush of snow enthusiasts, traffic controls are being imposed on these mountains, and vehicles will be required to be equipped with snow chains before they can enter, given the icy conditions.

In addition, plum blossoms are already starting to bloom in Nantou's Xinyi Township, approximately 10 days earlier than normal. Some 20% are currently in bloom and 60% are anticipated to flower by next week.

Over the weekend, temperatures will continue to plunge, reaching their lowest Monday with lows ranging between 10 and 11 degrees in the north, 10 and 12 degrees in central and southern regions, and 13 degrees in the east. As moisture will also be at its peak on Monday, the CWB predicts that the most snowfall will occur that day.

By Tuesday, the cold air mass will weaken during the day, and temperatures will gradually rise in various places. Central and southern parts of the country will see partly cloudy to sunny skies, while the north and east will see scattered showers.

Updated : 2022-05-27 04:13 GMT+08:00