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Germany's Volkswagen denies having stolen IP from Taiwan’s Acer

Taiwanese company to take German automaker to court in US

Volkswagen logo.

Volkswagen logo. (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Volkswagen says Acer’s allegations that it has unlawfully used its mobile network patents are baseless.

The rebuttal comes after the Taiwanese ICT company filed a lawsuit against the German automaker in the state of Virginia, which was first reported by Germany’s WirtschaftsWoche news outlet on Tuesday (Dec. 21), according to Reuters. Acer alleges Volkswagen has used its mobile phone chips in its vehicles over the past couple of years without permission.

The German car manufacturer had a license for Acer’s 2G and 3G chip patents but not 4G. Volkswagen has denied any wrongdoing.

"We will examine the suit together with our suppliers, and will then decide how to proceed," Volkswagen told Reuters.

"At first glance, we have indications that the allegations and accusations made in it are unfounded, and we will defend our position," the company stated.