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Wang Leehom's ex-wife banks NT$1.14 billion in divorce settlement

Lee Jinglei takes home about 1/3 of Wang's wealth

Wang Leehom rubbing his temples. (Weibo, Wang Leehom photo)

Wang Leehom rubbing his temples. (Weibo, Wang Leehom photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — With Taiwanese-American singer Wang Leehom's (王力宏) announcement that he will hand over a mansion to his ex-wife, Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾), the estimated value of the assets and alimony she will receive following their divorce has climbed to NT$1.14 billion (US$40 million), over one-third of his wealth.

After a heated online exchange over their acrimonious divorce over the weekend, Wang issued an official statement on his Weibo account at noon Monday (Dec. 21) apologizing to Lee for his transgressions during the marriage. In the statement, he wrote, "I will transfer the house you're living in to your name."

The home that Wang was referring to is the Wujiang (吾疆) luxury condominium on Renai Road in Taipei's Da'an District worth NT$480 million. The original divorce agreement stipulated that Lee and their children would be given a "special exemption" to live in the home for 18 years, before handing it back over to him.

The final version of the divorce agreement, which was signed in 2020, stipulates that Lee will receive half of their house in Los Angeles and half of their stock investments, as well as RMB$210,000 (US$32,963) a month for living expenses. The combined total value of this settlement was RMB$150 million, roughly equivalent to NT$660 million.

Now that Wang has agreed to transfer the NT$480 million condominium, the total amount Lee will be receiving from his fortune comes to NT$1.14 billion. The settlement with Lee carves out about one-third of Wang's estimated NT$3 billion in assets, reported TVBS.