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Top 6 Taiwanese don'ts on Dongzhi

Don't have sex on Dongzhi because it could cause loss of yang energy, damage soul

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Today (Dec. 21) is the Dongzhi (冬至, extreme of winter) Festival or winter solstice based on the lunisolar calendar, and like other Taiwanese festivals there are a number of taboos traditionally followed.

Dongzhi is the longest night and shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere, with yin energy (陰氣) at its apex and yang energy (陽氣) at its nadir. Ancients believed that after this date, yang energy (陽氣) gradually begins to increase and considered the day more important than the Lunar New Year.

The date is considered a day to give gifts, drink alcohol, have fun, and worship the gods. However, there are several taboos and customs observed on Dongzhi to ensure a fortuitous year ahead.

The following are Dongzhi don'ts listed by numerologist Hsiao Meng (小孟):

1. Don't have sex

During Dongzhi, the temperature is low and yin energy vigorous. If men and women are too energetic together, it could result in a leak of his yang energy. This could cause yin energy to enter the man's body and harm his soul.

2. Avoid going out at night

In ancient times, Dongzhi was considered a ghost festival, and it is recommended that people do not venture out after 9 p.m. When going out, be sure to bring salt for protection.

3. Married women should not go to their parents' home

If the wife's journey to her parent's home is long, she could catch a cold and later transmit it to her parents-in-law. If this occurs, it is believed that their winter illnesses will be more severe for many years.

4. Don't stay up late

Due to the colder temperature, going to sleep too late will reduce one's yang energy, and strong yin energy could lead to a bad aura. In addition, because Dongzhi is considered a mini version of the Lunar New Year, negative energy acquired on this day could affect one's fortune in the coming year.

5. Don't eat an odd number of tangyuan​​

It is believed that eating tangyuan can boost yang energy, but when consuming them on Dongzhi, be sure to eat an even number. It is believed that eating an odd number of tangyuan will lead to frequent loneliness in the coming year.

Eating an even number symbolizes happiness, success in relationships, and increased longevity and blessings.

6. Avoid fierce fights

Dongzhi is a day the solar terms change. Lovers and friends should not get angry or quarrel when going out, so as not to affect their aura and destroy their protective magnetic field.