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Lee Jinglei counters Wang Leehom's 'gaslighting,' details 'mental abuse'

Lee continues her defense shortly before Wang issues official apology

(Instagram, Lee Jinglei photo)

(Instagram, Lee Jinglei photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Just before her ex-husband Taiwanese-American singer Wang Leehom (王力宏) issued his official apology, Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) posted a continuation of her response to his previous statement, which she called a “gaslighting” tactic.

On Monday (Dec. 20) at around 11:30 a.m., Lee posted on Instagram that Wang's statement had manipulated the public with false, exaggerated, or confusing accusations, forcing her to spend effort and time explaining herself and turning people’s attention away from the point. She asked him to address the allegations she made about his record of prostitution, sexual affairs with his “friends,” infidelity, and his absence from their children’s life.

In response to Wang’s “pleading” for her to let him see their children, Lee wrote, “The fact is, not only did I welcome you to visit our children, I even agreed to let you install an automated video robot at home that you can control and turn on from afar.” She added that when she had asked Wang to only use the video robot while alone so strangers would not see her activities at home, “You said you would do your best.

“I said this makes me very uncomfortable and is a type of mental abuse, and asked you to please stop, yet you still said selfishly that you could not guarantee, (that) you would do your best. Is this true or not?” she asked.

Lee also responded to Wang’s claim that he had no way of contacting her, posting a screenshot of her multiple failed attempts to call him. She also said she has confirmed with the mediator that there is no recording of her threats.

“As for you constantly calling me Nishiharu Michiko, it only proves that you are low in terms of both morality and character. You hoped to incite hatred among netizens to better control public opinion, but you underestimated netizens’ intelligence,” she wrote. “My Chinese name is Lee Jinglei. I used the Japanese name when I was young… and when my father left our family, I was left with bad memories.”

Lee Jinglei counters Wang Leehom's 'gaslighting,' details 'mental abuse'
Screenshot showing Wang Leehom rejecting Lee Jinglei's calls. (Instagram, Lee Jinglei screenshot)