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Lee Jinglei takes on Wang Leehom’s father

Wang Ta-chung publishes handwritten letter slamming Lee

Wang Leehom's father Wang Ta-chung publishes photo of himself holding two sheets of a handwritten letter. 

Wang Leehom's father Wang Ta-chung publishes photo of himself holding two sheets of a handwritten letter.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) responded to a handwritten letter by Wang Leehom’s (王力宏) father claiming Lee brought “seven years of pain” to his son, telling Wang to own up to his own mistakes.

On Sunday (Dec. 19) morning, photos of Wang Ta-chung (王大中) holding two sheets of handwritten letter surfaced on the media. He alleged that Lee threatened to ruin Wang Leehom’s career when she announced she was pregnant, and that he was the only person in the family who supported the marriage “because I felt that the child must be protected.”

“What followed was seven years of pain, including nearly two years of living in hell,” he wrote. However, he added that Wang Leehom did his best to maintain his marriage, and spent hours every day in person or online with his children.

He also alleged that Lee demanded over NT$100 million (US$3.59 million) in addition to living expenses, two caregivers, a nanny, a driver, and the children’s living and education expenses, which were all provided.

To this, Lee responded, “To see Mr. Wang, at such an old age, come out and tell such a lie for his 45-year-old son, to take such a photo, I feel pained and am in disbelief. She added, “We’re all grown-ups, when things happen, we should face them ourselves… yet a middle-aged man chooses to hide behind his father’s back and play an angel… Mr. Wang would not know how to contact the media and issue such a letter without your direction.”

Lee wrote that she held back in her original statement to save face for her children’s father, but was chilled again when Wang Leehom sent her a message to demand that she tell the media her accusations were “groundless,” that she was not “thinking clearly” in exchange for a condo in Taipei, in which Lee has been living with her children.

Lee Jinglei takes on Wang Leehom’s father
(Instagram, Lee Jinglei screenshot)

She then detailed that during her relationship with Wang, the two always had the consensus of getting married, and since he was eager to have children, they never used contraception during sex “in the long term.” Lee wrote that, much to her shock, when she became pregnant, “He said, after discussing with his parents, ‘Then … can you get an abortion? Or if you can have the child, and we won’t marry?’”

Lee wrote that after consideration, she offered two options: for the two to marry as planned, and build a family in Taiwan together; or, for her to hide away and raise the child on her own. She denied Wang Ta-chung’s allegation that she threatened to ruin Wang Leehom’s career, since she needed to protect her family’s reputation and her own life.

Additionally, she questioned how she would have a second and even a third child with Wang if he had indeed been living in pain for seven years. “Without love, how could there be children? Or am I some kind of reproduction robot?”

Regarding divorce settlements, Lee wrote that she merely asked for her three children’s quality of life to remain the same, and did not ask for any alimony. She added that when she asked for the house in which the family currently resides, Wang Leehom refused but offered to “lend it to us.”

Finally, she wrote that Wang usually only spends around five to 10 minutes with the kids before bedtime or just wishes them goodnight. As for Wang Ta-chung’s denial of Wang Leehom’s infidelity, she responded, “This would be hard for Mr. Wang to know, as he wouldn’t tell you about his affairs, like he never told you about hiring prostitutes, which is a proven fact, right?”

At the end of the post, Lee asked either the Wang family to provide proof for their claims, or Wang Leehom to publicly apologize by 3 p.m. on Sunday, “or I will immediately take legal actions against you and Mr. Wang for defamation.”

Neither Wang Leehom nor Wang Ta-chung responded by 3 p.m. However, Wang Leehom finally broke his silence and published a short response near midnight, the full text of which can be read here.