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Full text of Wang Leehom's response to Lee Jinglei's allegations

Wang asks Lee to think of their children following accusations of infidelity, prostitution, abandoning family

(Weibo, Wang Leehom photo)

(Weibo, Wang Leehom photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — After two days of silence, Taiwanese-American singer Wang Leehom (王力宏) has finally responded to his ex-wife Lee Jing-lei’s (李靚蕾) accusations of infidelity and alleged mistress’ public statements.

The following is the full-text translation of his post:

"Today marks the most difficult day of my life; it is a huge, painful nightmare.

My dilemma is, if I rebuke so many untrue accusations, it would be bad for the mother of my three children. Yet if I don’t respond, everyone will believe they are true.

So my social responsibility is, I need to respond and respond individually, as I take into consideration the feelings of the mother of my three children. This is extremely difficult.

I may do some things imperfectly. For these imperfections, I would first like to make an apology. I really don’t want to hurt her, not to mention our children. They’re my family, my everything, my most beloved.

Next, I want to make my first point very clear: I can say with certainty that I was not unfaithful in our marriage.

I met Nishiharu Michiko (her name when we first met) at my concert in 2003, but we did not contact each other again for about 10 years. Today I found the record of our first conversation in my e-mail inbox.

In the message, she even called me “stranger,” and I told her, “Haven’t seen you in forever.” At the time, she was 26 and not underage as Lee implied.

Full text of Wang Leehom's response to Lee Jinglei's allegations
(Facebook, Wang Leehom screenshot)

Our marriage lasted from Nov. 27, 2013, until our separation on Aug. 5, 2019. Over the period of five years and eight months, I lived in fear, blackmail, and threats.

Not long after we got together, she became pregnant. I was surprised and pleased because I really wanted children, but at the time we were not yet at a stage where we discussed marriage.

However, she was especially agitated on the day she told me about the pregnancy and said: “If you don’t marry me now, I will disappear, change my name, and you will not see the child in my belly in your life. Don’t try to find me, you’ll never find me” (This conversation can be proven, as it was recorded in 2016 during a marriage counseling session).

I was terrified, but I saw that she was serious about marriage registration that very same day. I could not imagine ever seeing the child.

Seeing how upset she was, with her punches and kicks, I nodded and agreed. We registered in New York City on the same day.

On that day, I thought it was the most frightening day of my life. What I didn’t know was, that day was nothing compared to today.

During our five years and eight months of marriage, I admit that we constantly had issues. From March 2014, we began going to counselors who specialized in marriage.

In total, we went to five counselors, but in the end, unfortunately, we were never able to get better. I had hoped that with this fact, we could bravely face this challenge together.

I sincerely gave my blessing to Nishiharu Michiko and hoped that under our joint efforts, we could still have a harmonious family life after marriage.

After separating in Dec. 2020, we began to seriously negotiate our divorce. In the process, she even told the mediator that if Leehom does not comply with her demands, she is willing to tell the media things that would ruin my career (The mediator said there is a voice recording file, but I have yet to listen to it).

She is not the person she claims to be; one who does not want a single penny from me Originally, she demanded around RMB$200 million (NT$873.43 million).

Ultimately, the final version that both parties signed gave a total of approximately RMB$150 million in assets, including half the house in Los Angeles, and half of our stocks, as well as RMB$210,000 every month for living costs.

Additionally, a nanny, a driver, a vehicle, a 24-hour live-in maid, were to be provided for Lee. She was also allowed to live in our house in Taipei for free for 18 years.

These concessions were possible due to my longtime desire for Lee to live comfortably, but she believed these were inadequate.

Full text of Wang Leehom's response to Lee Jinglei's allegations
List of assets given to Lee, in USD. (Facebook, Wang Leehom screenshot)

However, money really isn’t the point. The point now is that we have three precious children.

The only purpose for choosing to make a public statement now is that this is the only way of speaking to Lee for the time being.

Please direct everything to me. I am willing to face all your demands and all your anger, but the internet really is a world where everything leaves a trace, and you have used it to ruin me.

Please, please, do not let these records become the source of further humiliation for our three children as they grow up. I beg you to let me see them.

Lee Jinglei, I am sorry I did not meet your standards of being a satisfactory husband.

On the other hand, as a public figure, I want to apologize to the public for not managing my marriage well.

To all innocent friends who were dragged into this, I bow and apologize to you, as my marriage affected you.

Here, I want to apologize to Mr. Wang and Mrs. Wang. Thank you especially for the handwritten letter you wrote last night.

Due to my failure at managing my own marriage, your son has made you suffer. I am deeply apologetic! Sorry!

Finally, my writing is not as efficient as Jinglei’s, but as I mentioned above, I will respond to her lengthy 5,000-word false accusation separately.

Wang Leehom”

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