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Wang Leehom's wife releases IG post alleging numerous infidelities

Lee Jinglei alleges that Wang has multiple mistresses, cataloged prostitutes, and had affair with married woman

Wang Leehom, Lee Jing-lei. (Instagram, Lee Jinglei photo)
(Instagram, Lee Jinglei screenshot)

Wang Leehom, Lee Jing-lei. (Instagram, Lee Jinglei photo)

(Instagram, Lee Jinglei screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Just two days after Taiwanese-American crooner Wang Leehom (王力宏) announced he was divorcing his Taiwanese wife of eight years, Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾), on Wednesday (Dec. 15), she responded by issuing a massive Instagram post that revealed a long list of alleged indiscretions ranging from infidelity to prostitution.

On Friday evening (Dec. 17), Lee unleashed a nine-page tirade on Instagram that covered multiple aspects of their relationship in intimate detail. In the post, she lamented that if she had known beforehand that he wanted to live a "single life," she would never have married him and given birth to his three children.

She wrote that in signing an "unequal prenuptial agreement," she understood that the property obtained before the marriage is his. However, indicating litigation over his fortune earned during eight years of marriage, she said "the property after marriage was earned by our mutual efforts."

Lee bitterly wrote that Wang had used her as a "chess piece," taking advantage of her empathy and love to make her his "shield." She claimed that he "hid behind her" to gain the power he desired and that in the process, "you're the angel and I'm the devil."

Alluding to rumors that he had had affairs with celebrities such as BY2's Yumi Bai (孫雨), Lee wrote that Wang had repeated what he had told the media, that he would not comment on the reports. As more reports of these alleged affairs have started to come in, she wrote "I will no longer bear your cross for you."

Lee recalled that she first met Wang when she was 16 and he was 26. She wrote that after he had courted her for a while, they went on a date in which they held hands, and because of his status as an idol, "I held no defense in my heart," and they had sex.

She wrote that the next day, he stated that he did not want a relationship. She claimed to have later found out that she was one of several such "friends" he had engaged in sex with in "many cities."

Lee then revealed an incident in which Wang had allegedly been caught on camera soliciting a prostitute and claimed there is "video proof of all of this." She wrote that Wang had admitted this incident to her and "has a problem and cannot control himself."

At the time, Lee said she expressed her desire to part ways, but Wang insisted that she would be his "only one" in the future, and they married and started a family. However, she claims that after a concert in Shanghai, he disappeared for one night, and she later learned that he had met with a "friend with benefits" and partied the night away.

Lee alleged that she discovered photos of the encounter and that he continued to see the woman, allegedly exchanging nude photos on his birthday. In an apparent reference to recent sightings with a famous actress in September, Lee also said that Wang had an affair with a "married woman with children" who he allegedly coordinated with on concealing their relationship from her husband.

The post went into even further detail about the crooner's alleged indiscretions when she wrote that he cataloged the prostitutes he had slept with by their features. She claimed that this included some "staff members" who interact with the family.

Saving the biggest bombshell for last, she expressed her hope that Wang could "face yourself with honesty, ignore the world's judgment, and be with the right person." Many netizens on Weibo are speculating this is a reference to Chinese male concert pianist Li Yundi (李雲迪), with whom many have speculated Wang has had a romantic relationship with for eight years.

Below is a partial translation of Lee Jinglei's Instagram post, for complete English version go to: "Full text of Lee Jinglei’s post about ex-husband Wang Leehom"

"Writing this letter is the hardest decision I’ve had to make … life is truly difficult. I think, only by facing this bravely and frankly can this all go back to zero, and we can each get a chance at being reborn. I also hope that my anecdote can inspire some thought in you, who is deeply immersed or who is about to begin this journey.

When I married, I thought we would be family for life, so I wholeheartedly put everything I had into our family. As you are 10 years older than me and wanted many children, I was constantly being ushered to bear more children, so I gave up my job and my personal life, and made you and our children the center of my life. Most of the time during our marriage, I’m either preparing to get pregnant, pregnant, or nursing after giving birth … of course, I like children myself, and I was the one who agreed to have them, but if I had known after having these three children you will leave our family because you want to live a “single” life, and I would need to raise the three children as a de facto single parent, I would never have agreed.

Having been married to you for so long, subject to constant suspicion by you and your family … humiliation and cold violence. In the beginning, I was forced to sign an unequal prenuptial agreement, you wanted to protect your property before marriage, I can understand that and completely accept it, but the property after marriage was earned by our mutual efforts, and came from each of us doing our own jobs; the house is under your name, the car is under your mother’s name, properties were transferred very clearly for the fear that I might take any 'advantage' of you.

You came to vent to me and ask for help, I offered a helping hand, I thought simply I was saving my love from torment, but in retrospect, I realized that after all, I’m just a chess piece in your hand; you used my empathy and love for you and made me your shield. You hid behind me, using me to get back the power you want bit by bit, and in the process, you’re the angel, and I’m the devil.

What really chilled me was that in the end, you said that I should trust you, you said you’ll do the talking, you’ll protect us, you and your team are fully prepared to manipulate the media and talk. What was the result? You protected only yourself. You used your network and media connections and made me your shield, attacking me to protect yourself. You’re the one in the wrong, but your mother and I bore all the public opinion and negative reports, while you were untouched.

I asked you, since the news isn’t real, can you make a clarification for me, you said because you already said in the statement you would not respond, so further responses would not be a good idea, I said I understood. Then … an hour later, while browsing the news, what I saw was the scandal of your affair, and you quickly clarifying for yourself.

I will no longer bear your cross for you … Whether or not your relationship with her involves anything unusual, you both know. The relations men and women share and your values have submersed my knowledge, one’s partner/ex-partner/and their friends, everyone … are all 'good friends.'

I met you when I was 16, thinking back to the past 20 years, everything suddenly cleared up, everything had a trace, only I was blind to them. I was still underage at the time, you were 26, you asked for my number, told me I was pretty, was ambiguous with your language, and chatted with me for at least an hour every time you called … After you broke up, we met again in the same city, you were very considerate to me and held my purse, took me out, and we had a lot of fun together, then you held my hand. Since you are a high-quality idol, I held no defense in my heart, we got together naturally and had sex. The next morning, however, you told me you didn’t want a relationship.

In the end, as I found out later, people like me, you actually have many 'friends' like this in many cities. You were caught on camera taking girls home for the night, you were caught calling a prostitute, and there is in fact video proof of all this … you admitted all these to me, too. You admitted these are your problems, you cannot control yourself.

I asked to part ways, you called me for weeks to ask me to stay, saying you wouldn’t do it anymore, I would be your 'only' in the future, and gradually we began to build a family together. One day, after your concert in Shanghai ended, you didn’t call me, I couldn’t locate you until the morning. Later I found out you and your friend-with-benefit drank and partied all night, taking all kinds of photos, with your face pressed against her breast as well as lip-licking. After marriage, you continued as usual with her, you had me, but when you received a series of nude photos to wish you happy birthday, you happily responded.

Another girl, also your friend-with-benefits, who is married and has kids herself, and wants you to help lie to her husband … even knowing you’re breaking the law, you ran to her house to party with her. I was pregnant and about to give birth, your dance instructor 'friend' messaged you to say he is sad because he thought you were together … Later, I found you kept a record of features of the prostitutes you hired, including a few staff members that are around us, how much more humiliated could I be?

I also hope you can face yourself honestly, ignore the world’s judgment, and be with the right person."