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'7+7' arrivals in Taiwan face NT$150,000 fine for forged vaccine documents

Minimum penalty for failing to present proof of vaccination raised from NT$10,000 to NT$30,000

'7+7' arrivals in Taiwan face NT$150,000 fine for forged vaccine documents

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Travelers to Taiwan who opt for the "7 plus 7" quarantine scheme will face fines ranging between NT$30,000 (US$1,000) to NT$150,000 if they fail to provide proof of vaccination or forge their immunization status.

Under the new program, those who have received the second dose of a COVID vaccine at least 14 days before arrival will be able to reduce their hotel or quarantine center stay to seven days during the holiday. The remaining seven days can then be spent at their place of residence. The program will be in effect from Dec. 14 to Feb. 14.

On Tuesday (Dec. 14), nearly 70% of incoming passengers opted for the plan. Those wishing to apply for the shortened hotel quarantine must provide proof they have been fully inoculated with a vaccine provided with an Emergency Use Listing (EUL) by the WHO or emergency use authorization (EUA) from Taiwan's FDA. Also, they must undergo PCR testing before they board their flight to Taiwan and upon arrival.

However, given the large influx of passengers from countries with serious COVID outbreaks and due to the Delta cluster infections at two hotels in Taiwan, the CECC has raised the penalties for breaking the "7 plus 7" requirements, effective Tuesday. The minimum penalty for failing to present proof of vaccination has been raised from NT$10,000 to NT$30,000.

Specifically, if the identity or vaccination status on a vaccination certificate cannot be verified, a fine of NT$30,000 will be imposed. If a person declared that they have been vaccinated but cannot present any proof, they face a fine of NT$50,000.

Those who avoid, obstruct, or refuse inspection of their vaccination certificate and refuse to cooperate, will be subject to a fine of NT$70,000. If a traveler avoids, obstructs, or refuses inspection of their vaccination certificates and uses inappropriate language or actions, they will be fined up to NT$100,000.

If there is violent coercion or insults, endangering the safety of quarantine personnel, or forged and altered vaccination certificates, individuals can be fined up to NT$150,000 and transferred to law enforcement agencies for appropriate punishment.

Updated : 2022-05-25 21:28 GMT+08:00