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Celebrity physician charged with sexual assault, harassment in Taiwan

‘Gold Brain’ champion frequently featured on talk shows, also Confucius' 74th generation descendant

Renowned Taiwanese physician and psychiatrist Kung Fan-chin is charged with sexual assault and harassment.

Renowned Taiwanese physician and psychiatrist Kung Fan-chin is charged with sexual assault and harassment. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Celebrity physician and psychiatrist Kung Fan-chin (孔繁錦), best known for winning trivia game show “Gold Brain” and being a 74th generation descendant of Confucius, has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by two women.

ETToday cited prosecutors as saying that in April, Kung locked a patient resting in a room at his clinic in Sanchung District, New Taipei City, and proceeded to kiss, grope, and sexually assault her. Two weeks later, Kung allegedly harassed and attempted to molest another patient at his clinic while pretending to “check for pimples on the back.”

He was accused of pressing his forehead to her back, asking, “Do you feel my affection for you?” while groping her. According to ETToday, after the two women reported to the police, prosecutors found Kung’s DNA on the first victim’s underwear and obtained evidence the second victim had tearfully told a friend about the incident.

However, Kung denied the accusations during interrogation. Prosecutors sought a heavy sentence, citing his poor attitude.

Kung allegedly sent messages to the women after they went to the police, saying he “will not, dare not, cannot do it again,” per UDN. After prosecutors summoned him to court, Kung reportedly sent more messages and called the women to say, “but I’ve already apologized to you.”

UDN reported Kung as confirming that he was involved in the case, saying “the harassment did happen due to foolishness in the moment,” but denied the accusation of rape. “I thought the feeling was mutual, that things progressed naturally on that day, but they didn’t … Even so, I did not do what she accused me of doing, and I wouldn’t,” he said.

Kung claimed that he knew the woman before she went to his clinic and would take nighttime walks with her in the park. “It doesn’t make sense however one views it, why should I, how is it possible,” UDN quoted him as saying.

Since winning the championship on “Gold Brain,” Kung had been labeled “Taiwan’s smartest doctor” for his wide array of knowledge and appeared on talk shows frequently.

Updated : 2022-05-22 13:14 GMT+08:00