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Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging Market Demand Analysis 2021 Growth Statistics, Revenue Estimates, Industry Size, Share, Emerging Trends, Top Leading Players with Strategies and Forecast 2027

Report Ocean presents a new report on pharmaceutical glass packaging market size, share, growth, industry trends, and forecast 2027, covering various industry elements and growth trends helpful for predicting the market’s future.

Global Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging Market- Industry Trends & Forecast Report 2027

The pharmaceutical glass packaging market reached USD 5.77 billion in 2020. The market is further expected to reach USD 7.51 billion by 2027 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.4% during 2021-2027 (forecast period).

The growing demand for glass packaging in pharmaceuticals can be attributed to the growth of the global pharmaceutical glass packaging market. The glass lining in glass packaging protects the contents of the package from being contaminated by the air outside the container, thus, enhancing the shelf life of the content/product.

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Global Pharmaceutical Glass packaging market Overview

Be it any product or medicine, the packaging is an essential part of the business process. Glass packaging enhances the chemical resistance of the components present inside the products while abiding by child safety measures & other regulations as well. The recyclability rates of glass packaging exceed that of plastic packaging, making it a better alternative to plastic. Additionally, factors such as the growing population in developing countries, increasing prevalence of chronic illnesses, climate change initiatives, and growing levels of health expenditures are likely to drive the growth of the industry.

Growth Drivers

Growing population contributes to the growth of unknown chronic illnesses

The growth of the pharmaceutical glass packaging market is positively influenced by the growing population in developed as well as emerging regions. With the exponential growth rate of the population in the African and Asia-Pacific regions, it is estimated that the prevalence of chronic unknown diseases is increasing sharply. With an increase in population in developing countries like India & South Africa, wherein healthcare is still underfunded, the number of unknown diseases is increasing every year. The rise in unknown chronic diseases demands more expenditure in healthcare packaging, which in turn is contributing to the growth of pharmaceutical glass packaging in Africa. According to the UNFPA (United Nations Fund for Population Activities), Niger has the highest annual population growth rate in Africa (3.8%), followed by DRC (The Democratic Republic of the Congo) (3.2%). These regions are already confronting epidemics such as measles which have claimed more than 8000 lives in the last year.

Less reactivity with the components than plastic packaging

Due to its non-reactive nature, glass packaging can help prevent leakages into the medicines contained within the glass containers. Any leakage, if not taken care of, can cause severe damage to the medicine, thereby eroding the essential elements needed for curing diseases. For example, some plastics are made of an industrial chemical called Bisphenol-A. When the chemical comes into contact with the elements present in the medicine, it can raise blood pressure levels besides causing brain damage. Plastic packaging can absorb heat from the sun and affect the medicinal properties of the components inside the bottle.

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The surge in awareness about the environment

Increased worldwide environmental awareness has led many nations to think about the packaging process of the medicines. Another factor to consider is the recyclability rate. The government has been urging the pharmaceutical industry to opt for glass packaging as it produces less waste in comparison to plastic. Because of its easy availability and low-cost, environmental degradation caused by plastic packaging has increased over time. However, continuous plastic packaging can not only cause harm to human health due to high contamination possibilities, but it can also affect the environment in the long run.


The delicacy of the glass might hinder its growth

A major factor restraining the growth of the pharmaceutical glass packaging market is its inability to cater to pressure. A minuscule pressure on the glass can crack the surface of the glass, thus making it useless. The cracks can let the surrounding air leak into the container, thereby damaging the elements present in the medicine. Even though it has some tolerance to the temperatures, it can get shattered due to sharp fluctuation in the temperatures. Once shattered it can pierce into a human skin or can even cause internal damage after being mixed with the components of the solution.

Plastic packaging can still hamper the growth prospects of glass packaging

Though plastic packaging has been linked to environmental hazards, it still has some benefits over glass packaging. Plastic packaging provides resistance to pressure & can handle more pressure in comparison to glass packaging. Glass packaging, once shattered, may damage the components present in the medicine besides piercing into human skin. However, plastic cannot be ruptured and can help preserve the components present inside the containers. Moreover, plastic containers are scalable whereas glass containers are required to be scaled repeatedly as the composition might not fit inside glass containers. These factors can hinder the growth of the pharmaceutical glass packaging market.

Impact of COVID-19 on the global pharmaceutical glass packaging market

Almost all the industries were hit hard during the pandemic-infused lockdown except the pharmaceutical industry which falls under the essential services category. There were little to no restrictions on the pharmaceutical glass packaging market. The growth of this industry was accompanied by the rise in demand for various pharmaceutical products. The glass vial products under the product segment in the pharmaceutical glass packaging market were able to acquire the largest share of growth. One reason is due to its chemical resistance ability.

Vials are small vessels (in plastic or glass form) used for storing liquid medicines, powders, or capsules, especially vaccines. Vials saw the sharpest growth during the pandemic due to their eco-friendly nature. Additionally, they also have the potential to accelerate emergency vaccine trials. The rigorous research & developments in the field of vials have helped increase its growth rate during the pandemic. What’s more, the demand for vaccines presently is outweighing the supply of vials in the market due to rising coronavirus cases per day.

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Global Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging Market- By Material Type

Based on type, the market has been segmented into- material types (Type-I borosilicate glass, Type-II, Type-III). Type-I borosilicate glass is also known as “Neutral Glass.” It is said to be the least reactive type of pharmaceutical glass container. This type is used in the packaging of all kinds of pharmaceutical products. However, Type-I glass is the costliest packaging material type in comparison to Type-II & Type-III. Given the massive rollout of vaccines, Type-I has expected to hold the top spot by 2026. However, Type-III holds the largest share as of now.

Global Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging Market- By Application

Based on application, the global pharmaceutical glass packaging market is segmented into generic, biological,& branded drug types wherein the generic drug segment acquired the largest share in 2020. One of the potential factors accountable for the growth of this segment is mainly due to its key traits, especially generic drugs that are less expensive compared to branded or biologic drug types. The biologic drug accounts for the second-largest share owing to its capabilities to tackle severe illnesses like autoimmune & chronic diseases. Due to intense competition between the pharmaceutical giants present in the U.S., generic drugs are most likely to stay on top in the coming years as well.

Global Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging Market- By Region

Based on region, the market has been segmented into- North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa. The rise in the COVID-19 cases has contributed to growth in revenues in the North American market which can be attributed to the presence of big pharma companies in the region. Additionally, Europe’s rising demand for vaccines to meet the demands of the COVID-19patients & programs has made it the largest holder of the pharmaceutical glass packaging market. Europe has accumulated more than 1.58 billion doses of vaccines which is the highest in the world.

The U.S is just behind the first spot which has accumulated approximately 1.21 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines. Canada is expected to accumulate 339 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines. Moreover, Mexico is anticipating an accumulation of 143 million doses of the COVID-19vaccines. This makes North America the biggest player in the pharmaceutical glass packaging market in the COVID-19 scenario, globally. However, the process is expected to delay as the demand for doses has outweighed the supply for the doses. This can lead to more investments in the reliable glass packaging pharmaceutical market. So, the overall pharmaceutical glass packaging market is expected to see a sharp rise amid this pandemic.

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Competitive Landscape

The presence of leading players in this market space has greatly affected the opportunities for new entrants to the market as it is highly likely to witness some acquisitions from the top leading firms like SCHOTT, or Gerresheimer Inc. Some of the key players in the market include SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Packaging, Gerresheimer AG, Nipro Corporation, SGD Pharma, Shandong Qidu Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd, Bormioli Rocco SpA, Ardagh Group S.A., West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., Piramal Glass, and Stölzle-OberglasGmbh. The glass packaging market is price-sensitive; hence market players are competing intensively in terms of producing cost-effective and productive goods. To improve their production capability, and product portfolio, and provide competitive differentiation, companies are increasingly looking for fragmentations in the market.

Recent Developments

In April 2019, SCHOTT invested USD 89.8 million in one of its production units in Rio De Janeiro, Brazilfor future growth prospects. The investment has been made to upgrade the online inspection device called perfeXion. Moreover, investments are being made to upgrade glass melting furnaces.

In Mar 2020, Piramal Enterprise announced that the company is looking for eco-friendly measures for enhancing the recyclability rates of the glass packaging. The company aspires to reduce energy consumption levels for improving the environmental situations in Asia-Pacific.

Scope of Report

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