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Another cold air mass forecast to hit Taiwan on Friday

Temperatures to dip dramatically as cold air mass sweeps through Taiwan this weekend

Another cold air mass forecast to hit Taiwan on Friday

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Another cold wave arriving on Friday (Dec. 17) will put an end to the warm, comfortable weather that has been prevalent so far this week, Meteorologist Daniel Wu (吳德榮) said on Wednesday.

Weather will be relatively stable and sunny for the western side of the nation, while occasional rain showers are expected on the east coast on Wednesday and Thursday, CNA cited Wu as saying.

Wu urged the public to bundle up from Friday to Sunday morning because temperatures will take a dramatic dip as a cold air mass sweeps through Taiwan. Low temperatures in the flat areas of northern Taiwan could reach around 11 degrees Celsius during this period, he added.

Local rains are expected in the northern and eastern parts of the nation on Friday, and weather will become colder and wetter later in the day, according to Wu. On Saturday, the moisture in northern Taiwan will begin to evaporate.

Rain showers will be likely on the eastern side of Greater Taipei and Taiwan's east coast, the meteorologist said. Regions south of Hsinchu are expected to see partly clear skies.

The weather will remain stable and begin to gradually warm up on Sunday, even though it is still considered cold, he added.

Precipitation associated with Tropical Storm Rai will come near Taiwan on Monday, increasing the chances of rain in mountainous areas of the nation's southern and southeastern parts, Wu said. The cold air will weaken and temperatures will continue to rise on Monday, but areas affected by the humidity of the tropical storm will increase on Tuesday and Wednesday, the meteorologist said, per CNA.