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Two men allegedly swept away while river tracing in Taiwan

Third man slightly injured on way to get help, search and rescue team deployed

File photo of a river rescue mission.

File photo of a river rescue mission. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — During a river tracing trip to Taitung’s Lulu Hot Springs, two men surnamed Hsu (許) and Lo (羅) were reportedly swept away, while a third, surnamed Tu (杜), suffered light injuries on his way to seek help.

According to CNA, a family member reported the group missing to the Taitung County Fire Department on Monday (Dec. 13) after the three men failed to return as planned on Sunday evening (Dec. 12). On the way back from Lulu Hot Springs Monday afternoon, a hiker met Tu, who had lost his way as he looked for help and asked the hiker to report to the fire department at the head of the trail.

Tu was sent to the hospital for treatment, and authorities organized a search and rescue team for Hsu and Lo, who are both in their 40s.

The mission has been difficult and time-consuming, the Taitung Fire Department told CNA, as the water level is still at its peak in the mountains. It takes five hours for the team to reach the stream from the trail’s entrance and an additional two hours to get to where the group had been river tracing.