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Video shows family of 6 riding scooter in Taipei

Even Taiwanese motorists impressed with 6 people crammed onto one scooter

Family of six spotted on scooter. (YouTube, WoWtchout screenshot)

Family of six spotted on scooter. (YouTube, WoWtchout screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Dashcam footage surfaced last week showing a family of six had crammed themselves onto one scooter on a busy freeway in Taipei.

On Dec. 7, WoWtchout, a map-based dashcam sharing platform, posted a video taken that morning showing a 150cc scooter whizzing by in the right lane. The footage was taken from a car as it drove down Zhongzheng Road and was about to reach Bailing Bridge in Taipei's Shilin District, reported TVBS.

A careful look at the footage reveals that two children are sitting on their dad's lap, with one child on each leg. The father is somehow watching the road by peering through the small gap between the children's heads.

Video shows family of 6 riding scooter in Taipei
Mother marked as "1," father labeled "5." (YouTube, WoWtchout screenshot)

Seated directly behind the father are two children tightly wedged together. On the very back of the moped is the mother, who is clutching what appears to be a bag of drinks in her left hand. All but one of the six occupants appear to be wearing helmets.

In response to the incident, the Taipei City Police Department said that Article 88 of Regulations Governing Road Traffic Safety (道路交通安全規則) states that scooters can only carry two people and that this was a clear violation of the law. In accordance with Article 31 of the law, violators face fines of between NT$300 and NT$600 for exceeding the limit on scooter passengers.

However, if officers encounter a family with children, they will generally let them off with a verbal warning, according to the department. If they refuse to heed police warnings and repeat the infraction or are reported on by the public, they will be fined in accordance with the law.

Even Taiwanese, who frequently pack an extra child or two or a pet on their scooters were impressed with six on one bike:

"For being able to give birth to four children, the country should give them a seven-seater plus public praise. But serious violations are still bad."

"Actually, there's a baby in the trunk."

"They need a scooter with a longer seat cushion."

"A scooter for six people... Why don’t you take the bus~it’s dangerous... If you’re not careful, you may kill six."

"If they are arrested for this, they should cry ~~' The government wants us to have more children."