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Razer Zephyr air purifier mask goes viral

Razer Zephyr wins over consumers with innovative features

Razer Zephyr sold out several minutes after its October launch in U.S. (Razer website screenshot)

Razer Zephyr sold out several minutes after its October launch in U.S. (Razer website screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Singaporean-American technology company Razer’s latest facial mask, Razer Zephyr, has gone viral since its October launch in the U.S.

First introduced as Project Hazel at the Consumer Electronics Show 2021 in January, Razer Zephyr was released officially at Razor Con 2021 in October and sold out in a few minutes. The award-winning concept smart mask is the latest evolution of a wearable air purifier inspired by the principles of staying safe and social as well as sustainable, according to the company.

Co-Founder and CEO of Razer Min-liang Tan stated that Razer Zephyr allows wearers to be safe by providing N95 grade filters with two-way protection and air exchange chambers with two-speed dual intake fans. It also allows wearers to stay social with its transparent design and interior lights controlled with Bluetooth that can brighten up the insides of the mask with RGB colors.

Tan said at Razor Con 2021 that the idea originated in 2020 when they wanted to offer help in the fight against pandemic. At that time, the company converted some manufacturing facilities to make surgical masks along with the help of designers. They later distributed over 1 million certified high-quality masks worldwide.

“We decided to take the surgical mask manufacturing further by putting all the designers’ efforts and announced the conceptual Project Hazel, which went insanely viral with innovative features,” said the co-founder.

After over a thousand users tested the prototype, Razer made the eye-catching Project Hazel into reality. Compared to daily disposable masks, Razer Zephyr’s filters last longer, with a maximum of 72 hours, protecting the environment by producing 80% less material waste.

The wearable air purifiers sell for US$99.99 (NT$2,790) in the U.S. For more information on purchasing them in Taiwan, please visit this website.

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