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Golden marmosets debut in Taipei Zoo

Two young primates recent arrivals from Singapore Zoo

Golden marmosets. (Taipei Zoo photo)

Golden marmosets. (Taipei Zoo photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taipei Zoo announced on Monday (Dec. 6) that two male golden lion tamarins from the Singapore Zoo have been settled in the Pangolin Dome and are ready to meet the public.

Golden lion tamarins, also known as golden marmosets, are known for their reddish-gold manes. The rare primates are native to tropical rainforests along the Atlantic coast of Brazil.

However, over 90% of these habitats have been destroyed due to deforestation. Illegal poaching has also contributed to their status on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List as endangered species.

The two new golden lion tamarins are brothers. The elder, Kopi, has a thin tail and is rambunctious, while the younger, Kaya, has a thick tail and is shy.

Kopi always approaches the breeders for food and tries to escape when they open the door. By contrast, Kaya prefers to rest in a corner once he has eaten.

The two brothers are still getting to know their new home, leaving their nesting box in the morning to move around the outdoor area, only returning in the afternoon.

The zoo has reminded visitors to treat the animals with respect and avoid tapping on the window glass.