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Taiwan’s national power company hit by cyberattacks on daily basis

Taipower assures public country’s power grid shielded against attacks

The Xiehe Power Plant in Keelung. (CNA photo)

The Xiehe Power Plant in Keelung. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — State-owned Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) encounters cyberattacks almost everyday, but no damage has been done to the nation’s power grid.

Taipower Chairman Yang Wei-fuu (楊偉甫) assured the public in a legislative interpellation on Monday (Dec. 6) that although the company is hit by cyberattacks on a daily basis, operations have not been compromised, per CNA.

The official was responding to questions about the country’s preparedness for potential assaults that could result in the breach of Taipower data, jeopardize power systems, or cause large-scale power outages.

According to Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Legislator Chiu Yi-ying (邱議瑩), Taiwan suffers up to 5 million cyberattacks a day, which necessitates sound protection for key energy facilities to avoid incidents such as the massive blackouts in Ukraine caused by hacking.

Yang noted that the attacks often target the company’s services related to the public. The electricity supply and dispatch systems are insulated from the outside world, which reduces the likelihood of their being imperiled.

In 2017, Taipower’s Dalin Power Plant in Kaohsiung fell victim to a WannaCry ransomware attack that plagued 700 computers involved in the administrative system. Fortunately, computers controlling the generators were running independently and thus not affected by the malware.