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Taipei man investigated for harassing micro-influencer neighbor

Malaysian student at times too afraid to leave house to buy food

Profile photo of micro-influencer, surnamed Lin. (Facebook, joeyjia99 photo) 

Profile photo of micro-influencer, surnamed Lin. (Facebook, joeyjia99 photo) 

(TAIPEI) Taiwan News — A Taipei man surnamed Lin (林) is being investigated for sexual harassment and intimidation of a 22-year-old Malaysian student and micro-influencer, also surnamed Lin.

The man allegedly had been banging on the student’s apartment door and yelling obscenities at her. This frightened her so much that sometimes she did not venture out to buy food for fear of the man, according to a Formosa TV report.

She said that at first, he would make reasonable statements such as “Can you keep it down in there?” Yet over time, his words became more profane and threatening.

The student said her aggressive neighbor would only come by when she was home alone. The pattern of verbal abuse had been occurring for at least four months, she claimed.

The woman said the man lurked restlessly outside the rental apartment and even tried to watch her through the peephole in the door.

The police said that the entire case was being investigated on suspicion of sexual harassment and intimidation. According to reports, the accused has a criminal record.

The woman posted a message on her Facebook fan page on Sunday (Dec. 5), thanking her followers for their concern. She said she just hopes this nightmare can end soon.