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UK Pavilion to debut at Energy Taiwan expo

The British have worked with Taiwan on renewable energy for nearly two decades.

The photo shows a wind farm.

The photo shows a wind farm. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The U.K. Pavilion at Energy Taiwan will debut Wednesday (Dec.8) and introduce innovative offshore wind technology at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Centre Hall II.

As the world leader in offshore wind, the U.K. has been working with Taiwan in the renewable energy sector for nearly two decades, mainly on offshore wind, according to the British Office Taipei (BOT).

Since 2004, BOT has been sharing the U.K.’s practical experience of its energy policy development. This includes industrial supply chain development, research and working with Taiwan's government, educational research institutions and industry.

BOT has set up its first U.K. Pavilion at the three-day Energy Taiwan exhibition. It showcases the U.K.’s expertise in renewable energy and offshore wind supply chain and its strong commitment to supporting Taiwan’s development in these sectors.

The U.K. Pavilion will be opened next week by John Dennis, head of the U.K. Office in Taiwan, with representatives from eight British companies in the offshore wind field.