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Former KMT legislator's four tips to sense violent tendencies in male partners

Watch for drinking, gambling, sketchy friends, and controlling behaviors

Taipei City Councilor Chung Hsiao-ping (Facebook,  Chung Hsiao-ping photo)

Taipei City Councilor Chung Hsiao-ping (Facebook,  Chung Hsiao-ping photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As Taiwan’s political circles reel from the news that female Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Legislator Kao Chia-yu (高嘉瑜) has been allegedly beaten by her boyfriend, some politicians are speaking up on domestic violence, according to a UDN report.

Appearing on the talk show “News Face to Face” (新聞面對面) on Wednesday (Dec. 1), Taipei City Councilor Chung Hsiao-ping (鍾小平) offered four tips for women to sense violent tendencies in men. He hopes women can be forewarned so they can better judge a man before becoming committed in a relationship.

His four tips are as follows:

  1. Consider the man’s drinking. If he works himself into a wild fit of rage after having a few, keep your distance.
  2. Watch his gambling. If he fumes over the loss of petty change or flips gambling tables, it is a bad sign.
  3. Examine his friends. Men often mirror the behavior of their best buddies, so look carefully at who is in his inner circle.
  4. Check his need to control. Jealous men may track your phone and threaten you, as was the case of Kao’s boyfriend. If he is a control freak, stay clear.

Chung expressed disbelief that a woman of such prominence as Kao who has a background in law could be abused like this. Dubbed the “Goddess of Nangang-Neihu” (港湖女神) due to the constituency she serves in Taipei, Kao’s body clearly showed the bruises and injuries she sustained at the hands of her boyfriend, Raphael Lin (林秉樞).

Chung, a former Kuomintang (KMT) legislator who is now an independent, said he agreed with Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang's (蘇貞昌) words that “Hitting women is beneath even dogs and pigs.”

Updated : 2022-01-25 13:55 GMT+08:00