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Japanese stop-motion series tops most popular YouTube videos of 2021 in Taiwan

Video poking fun at Chinese nationalism surges to become 7th most-viewed music video in nation

(YouTube, Pui Pui Molcar video screenshot)

(YouTube, Pui Pui Molcar video screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A two-and-a-half-minute clip of a Japanese stop-motion animated series has been crowned the most popular YouTube video in Taiwan for 2021.

Posted by Taiwanese licensed animation distributor, Muse木棉花-TW on Jan. 5, the first episode of “Pui Pui Molcar,” titled "Who Caused the Traffic Jam?" has generated 10.48 million views as of Wednesday (Dec. 1).

The Japanese series' 12 episodes feature guinea pigs-turned-sentient vehicles and simple storylines that deal with daily life, sometimes as parodies of famous movie scenes. The soaring popularity of the series could be attributed to the fact it has helped relieve stress amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Google Taiwan, which released the rankings.

Other videos that made into the top 10 of the “most popular videos” category spanned entertainment, inspirational content, and news topics, including the highly contentious issue of ractopamine-laden pork imported from the U.S.

Topping the “most popular music videos” list was a video by Taiwanese band EggPlantEgg from the soundtrack of the film “Man in Love” (當男人戀愛時). Notably, Malaysian rapper Namewee (黄明志) and Taiwan-based Australian singer Kimberley Chen’s (陳芳語) “Fragile” (玻璃心), which satirizes nationalistic Chinese, shot to seventh place. The music video has already amassed 34.25 million views since its October release.

The other two categories were “most popular creators” and “emerging creators.” Click here to check out the full list.

The rankings were based on views generated between January and November, excluding overseas viewership.

Updated : 2022-01-27 14:40 GMT+08:00