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Leaked documents show China's top leaders involved in Uyghur abuses

‘Xinjiang Papers’ reveal extensive involvement of top Chinese brass in repressive policies

Xi Jinping. 

Xi Jinping.  (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A series of leaked papers shows China’s top leaders, including Xi Jinping (習近平), have been involved in the country's ongoing crackdown on its Uyghur Muslim minority.

Analysts who pored over speech transcripts in the cache have concluded that Chinese leaders called for measures that resulted in the mass incarceration of the ethnic group, according to a BBC report.

The files were handed over in September to the U.K.-based independent Uyghur Tribunal. The body then asked Adrian Zenz, David Tobin, and James Millward, all experts on ethnic policy in China, to verify the documents’ authenticity.

Dubbed the "Xinjiang Papers," they show how CCP leaders encouraged a variety of abusive policies, including internment, forced labor, sterilizations, assimilation, "re-education," and other types of coercion.

The links between the party’s top brass in Beijing and the measures taken on the ground in Xinjiang were "far more extensive, detailed and significant than previously understood,” according to Zenz.

China has been under international pressure to stop its abuse of Uyghurs, with some activists and politicians calling for a boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics in response to the repression. A handful of countries, including the U.S., Canada, and the Netherlands, have publicly accused the Chinese government of genocide and crimes against humanity.

Despite this, China continues to deny all claims that it is involved in genocide or any significant human rights abuses in the region.