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Taiwan may lack urea needed for anti-aircraft missile launchers: Ministry of Defense

Urea used in passenger cars may need to be stored away as war provision

Tien Kung system.

Tien Kung system. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Sources in the Ministry of Defense (MOD) have admitted Taiwan's military forces will temporarily reduce deployments of anti-aircraft mobile missile launchers to deal with a shortage of urea.

As a catalyst conversion agent, urea is vital for the country’s Hsiung Feng air defense missile systems to function properly, according to an Apple Daily report. In the wake of South Korea’s recent urea shortage after China stopped exports of the fluid to the country, the MOD has acknowledged its own vulnerability to such a scenario.

A defense official responsible for Taiwan’s logistics supplies says urea convoys may become a prime target of the People's Liberation Army during a conflict, as a shortage would cripple Taiwan’s defense capabilities, per Apple Daily.

The defense ministry also says that a portion of urea typically used in passenger cars may need to be stored away as an emergency measure.

Updated : 2022-01-27 13:52 GMT+08:00