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Taiwanese netizen infuriated by underwear prize from claw machine

Trend of deceptive claw machines on the rise

Jumbo-sized underwear with "Bear Big" logo on gift bag. (Facebook, Breaking News Commune photo)

Jumbo-sized underwear with "Bear Big" logo on gift bag. (Facebook, Breaking News Commune photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A netizen who spent time and money at a claw machine was devastated after he finally seized the prize he wanted and opened the wrapping.

The prize had appeared to be a small gift bag with a graphic of the LINE Messaging App brown bear mascot, or “Bear Big” (熊大). However, the netizen found the packaging was merely a ruse to conceal a pair of jumbo-sized plain underwear that had no apparent connection to the cute bear at all, according to a Liberty Times report.

The dumbfounded individual took to Facebook to vent his outrage, where he posted a photo of the supersized jocks, asking, “Claw machines are really not what they seem these days. Who could wear such big panties anyway!?"

Netizens quickly joined in the online furor:

"Bear-big panties…? This is the smallest size."

"They are Grandma's panties."

"This is just a rag."

"In fact, you have just won an empty bag. The underwear is there to increase the weight."

"Perhaps it may decompose when washed in water. Very environmentally friendly. Give it a try!"

“The machine will let you claw at something, but it doesn’t promise that thing will be any good!"

“I once clawed a pair of shoes that advertised they were Adidas. When I opened the box, they were Nike…”

Some said claw machines have just become a trash can for cheap Taobao items no one wants.

The news reflects a broader trend of deceptive claw machines and dodgy products, per Liberty Times. The niche segment of the leisure industry could be nearing the end of its bull run, which has been ongoing in recent years.