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Taipei mulls regulation for pet nannies

Amid rising demand for pet sitting, legal foundation needed for better management

(Facebook, Taipei Animal Friendly Space photo)

(Facebook, Taipei Animal Friendly Space photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taipei is seeking to enact an ordinance regulating the booming industry of pet sitting to ensure the rights of both pet owners and service providers.

The city’s Animal Protection Office (APO) said Thursday (Nov. 25) a bill has been drafted and that experts, animal welfare groups, and industry players will now be consulted. This will help address the flaws in current laws as pet nanny services become increasingly popular, reported CNA.

Pet sitting entails feeding, cleaning, playing with, and taking care of animals at home when owners are away, and such jobs have been made available via e-commerce platforms. However, disputes have arisen in the industry, including accusations of substandard care and cases where pets have even gone missing, said Sung Nien-chieh (宋念潔), director of APO.

After the proposed bill is passed and goes into effect, likely in 2023, service providers will be required to provide training for employed pet nannies. The city government will also work with schools and private institutions to implement a certification system for those interested in joining the trade.

Taiwan is experiencing a thriving pet industry, with companies like convenience store giant 7-Eleven jumping on the bandwagon, adding new pet product sections to hundreds of stores nationwide.

Updated : 2021-11-30 17:30 GMT+08:00