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Taiwan in for another cold spell early December: Meteorologist

Dry, cold air will permeate country from Wednesday, with lowest temperatures on Thursday morning

Taiwan in for another cold spell early December: Meteorologist

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Temperatures across Taiwan in the coming few days will continue to rise before the country is due for another cold spell from Dec.1, meteorologist Daniel Wu (吳德榮) said.

The northeast monsoon will arrive from Friday (Nov. 26) through Saturday, bringing in weak, cold air and causing temperatures in northern Taiwan to dip slightly, CNA cited Wu as saying. During these two days, occasional rain is expected along the north coast, the eastern part of the Taipei metropolitan area, and the country's east coast.

Meanwhile, central and southern Taiwan will have mostly clear, comfortable, and warm weather, the meteorologist said.

The northeasterly winds will weaken on Sunday and Monday as temperatures gradually rise. Occasional showers are forecast for the north coast and the eastern side of the country during this period, while mostly clear and warm weather is expected for central and southern Taiwan, Wu said.

A cold front will quickly pass Taiwan on Tuesday before strong, dry cold air barrels down, briefly bringing cold, wet weather to northern Taiwan. Dry, cold air will permeate the country beginning Wednesday, with temperatures likely dropping to the lowest level on Thursday morning (Dec. 2) since the beginning of winter, CNA reported.