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Lawmakers from Baltic nations to attend parliament forum in Taiwan

Event kept low-profile to avoid lawmakers encountering outer pressure

(Facebook, MOFA image)

(Facebook, MOFA image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — At least 12 lawmakers from five nations are expected to attend the 2021 Open Parliament Forum in Taiwan in December, including 10 from the Baltic states.

The event, jointly organized by the Legislative Yuan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), the U.S.-based National Democratic Institute, and the Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation, will take place between Dec. 2-3 in Taipei.

Among the attendees are ten pro-Taiwan politicians from Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia, participating amid closer ties between Taiwan and the Baltic countries. The arrangement has been kept low-profile for fear that would-be participants will face meddling, CNA quoted sources as saying, without specifying.

A virtual version of the forum will be held concurrently, which features 21 parliamentarians from 15 nations, including the U.S., the U.K., Japan, and EU members, per Liberty Times.

Members of the public are invited to join the symposium, which is called “Open Parliament in a Post-COVID Context: Global Examples of Resilience and Planning for 2022 and Beyond.” Registration is required via the link and accepted until Sunday (Nov. 28), according to MOFA.