Gou speaks up on Chen affair


In the face of his past illicit romance presently dominating the national media, Taiwanese tycoon Terry Gou yesterday spoke out and labeled the extramarital relationship as a trap to lure him into paying out to keep the relationship secret.
Gou said he is not a saint and that his late wife, who died of cancer a couple of years ago, fully understood the nature of the case, and the couple had reported the case together.
Gou's had an extramarital relationship in the 1990s with Chen Chung-mei, a securities agent as reported by the media, but the relationship ended shortly after Chen hired a private detective, Hsu Ching-wei, to tape her having sex with Gou, using it later to extort a large sum of money from Gou.
Gou agreed to give her the money, but when they met up again, he brought the cops with him and sued Chen and Hsu for extortion.
Gou's past extramarital relationship became the center of attention in the media in the past few days because of an ongoing case involving former Next Magazine reporter Tsang Chia-yi, who is standing trial for allegedly threatening to bring up Gou's past illicit relationship with Chen in a tell-all book unless Gou buys her silence.
Attending an opening ceremony of an elementary school he sponsored, Gou yesterday said that when he sued Tsang last year for extortion, he understood that his past extramarital relationship was going to be exposed one way or another. He said details of his affair was included in the material Tseng sent to him in an attempt to exhort money from him, which was entered as evidence in court.
The purpose for timing the exposure of the past incident was clearly to use the media to influence Tseng's ongoing trial, Gou said.
Breaking silence on his past relationship with Chen for the first time, the tycoon said Chen was a bar girl instead of a securities agent as reported. He said he kept silent about her profession because he was concerned about her reputation. He said he met Chen in a bar called "Forbidden City" and offered an exclusive interview to any medium that could find her nickname in the bar.
Gou also mentioned the "whistle blower" surnamed Hsu wrote three letters and each of them asked for money, pointing out that the media should dig into the background of the person instead of buying all he said.