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Military lists Taiwan's northern, southern waters as 'decisive defense areas'

Ministry of National Defense says it conducts joint sea and air interception operations in those areas

Taiwanese F-16Vs. 

Taiwanese F-16Vs.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taiwan military has listed the nation’s southern and northern waters as decisive defense areas in the event of a conflict.

The Ministry of National Defense (MND) recently sent a report on improving the quality of the military and soldier training to the Legislative Yuan. The report revealed that the military conducts regular flight training in Taiwan’s southeastern airspace and holds naval and air combat readiness drills, along with combat readiness exercises, the Liberty Times reported.

The military also conducts training in Taiwan’s northern and southern waters and conducts joint sea and air interception missions in these “decisive sea areas,” per the Liberty Times.

The MND's head of training, Liu Shen-mo (劉慎謨), said on Tuesday (Nov. 23) that the military usually conducts such operations to familiarize troops with combat conditions. He added that various military units continue to respond to enemy threats and appropriately adjust the training areas and methods to meet the requirements of actual combat.