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Taiwanese foreign minister says Honduran ties 'should be fine' following presidential election

Taiwan has maintained close communications with ruling and opposition parties: Joseph Wu

Libre candidate Xiomara Castro. (Twitter, Xiaomara Castro photo)

Libre candidate Xiomara Castro. (Twitter, Xiaomara Castro photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu (吳釗燮) on Monday (Nov. 22) said that relations with Honduras should not change regardless of the outcome of the Honduran presidential election set to take place on Nov. 28.

At a Legislative Yuan Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee meeting on Monday, Wu was asked about the Honduran general election by Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Liu Chien-guo (劉建國). The foreign minister said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is closely monitoring the election, and no matter what the outcome is, Taiwan and Honduras "should have no problem," the Liberty Times reported.

Wu continued that Taiwan has a very good relationship with the ruling party candidate and has established close communications with the opposition candidate. "It seems that diplomatic relations are okay now," he said.

Liu also asked about China’s accusation that Taiwan has launched a “cyber army” in an attempt to intervene in Honduras’ presidential election. Wu vehemently denied it and suggested that China is the real perpetrator since it knows all about cyberattacks, per the Liberty Times.

Liu then asked if the current president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernandez, had proposed a new cooperative project during his recent visit to the nation.

Wu replied, "No. The main purpose of the visit was to show support for Taiwan. We are very grateful."

Xiomara Castro, the Libre party candidate, has publicly stated that if she is elected, she will switch recognition from Taipei to Beijing. In September, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Yui (俞大㵢) traveled to the Central American country to meet with local dignitaries and officials and remind them to be wary of China's empty promises and its efforts to undermine Honduran relations with other countries.