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Taiwan poll finds 85% support status quo

Tougher measures against outflow of high-tech talent to China receive support

MAC Spokesman Chiu Chui-cheng. 

MAC Spokesman Chiu Chui-cheng.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A total of 84.9% of Taiwanese want the country’s present status to remain largely unchanged, while 85.5% oppose China’s “one country, two systems” formula, according to an opinion poll by the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC).

National Chengchi University’s (NCCU) Election Study Center conducted the MAC-commissioned survey from Nov. 10-14. It received 1,072 valid responses, with a margin of error of 2.99%, CNA reported.

The notion that Taiwan and China do not have a claim to each other’s territory and that this situation amounts to the status quo found support among 77.7% of the respondents, while 10.7% disagreed and 11.6% offered no opinion or said they do not know.

China’s recent announcement that it is drawing up a list of “stubborn Taiwan independence supporters,” including Taiwan’s premier and foreign minister, met with disapproval from 78.3%. A total of 77.1% agreed the Chinese government is unfriendly toward the Taiwanese government, while 57.9% said it is unfriendly toward the people of Taiwan.

Proposals to prevent more high-tech talent and technological information from moving to China won agreement from 70.6% of the survey respondents, though 73.1% agreed that Chinese visitors should be welcome again in Taiwan once the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.